Friday, October 31, 2008

Sleep, the cat, and sick leave bank

So much for that extra sleep time I was shooting for mentally and figuratively. The wonder feline managed to find a new way to wake me up fully.


Yessiree, vomit and the hacking sound it makes wins out almost every time.

So it's about 5:40 a.m. and the upchucking sounds start. I gently nudge the cat off the edge of my bed by pushing him with my foot. (I didn't abuse him by kicking him but I preferred no vomit on me or my bed things.)

The upchucking sounds continue and produced two tiny gifts/puddles of grayish vomitus. Small little Halloweenie bundles but enough to get me up to clean it up. Then it was time to feed wonder feline because he knewIwasawake and must have food rightthen.

Last night I was productive and made lasagna again and garlic monkey bread that was frozen and needed heating. Yummo!

I also looked up dates from last school year's absences to correlate doctor appointments and IV Solumedrol treatments and those absences for the sick bank leave request. I typed it all up and now have exactly 30 days off due to depression and MS, which means that I should be able to go without any gaps in my paycheck. That's great and something my boss mentioned to me to do.

I awake yesterday feeling refreshed and felt pretty d@rned good. Then I went out to run errands and the cognitive thin spots were showing through like a shabby couch after my cat has exercised his nails. I went to the post office and the lady there insisted my debit card wasn't one, even though I know it is and I've used it there before. I lost the stamps she just gave me during the debit card debacle. I walked outside and couldn't find my car which was right in front of me and the only car of its make and model in the whole d@mn lot.

I did some more errands after that with the same kind of lackluster precision and then decided that was enough for the day and went home for a nap. It's all about the sleep, isn't it?


Heather said...

We get an extra hour this weekend- enjoy!

Denver Refashionista said...

I agree. It is all about sleep.

Weeble Girl said...

Yes, sleep perchance to dream of a life without MS!