Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sleepy Saturday and Item Ordering Anonymous

I have spent pretty much the entire day in bed. I don't feel the slightest bit guilty as I needed the rest. I still feel fatigued, my eyes feel glazed, and my face seems to be pulled down into a frown but who cares? I'm now showered and I have a load of laundry in the dryer. I'm going to pay a few bills after I get off here. I am being productive. I am alive.

Nothing earth-shattering is going on at all. I finally decided to keep two of the dresses I ordered about 6 weeks ago. I look like a pregnant house in the two I kept but at least I now own dresses that fit, even if they do make me look butt ugly. The other two will be returned within the next week at local stores. I also have to send back the clock I ordered from L.L. Bean last week because the alarm part doesn't work.

I am one of those people that order things from online or catalogs. Then when I have received said item(s) I decide probably about 85% of the time that the item(s) need to go back because they just don't work for me. Clothes and shoes especially.

However, I generally don't return the item(s) so I have shoes and clothes that don't fit and other gadgets that don't work. It was really bad when I had cable TV that included QVC. I never ordered their jewelry but I was a sucker for so many items. Those "hosts" are some slick sales people. I bet they make a pretty penny working there.

In case you're worried that I don't have cable TV, relax, I just pay for the cheapest cable available. I pay something silly like $8.37 for about 17 channels or so. It works for me and keeps me away from the drug that is QVC.

I am also a huge fan of Netflix. If you haven't tried that service, it really is as easy as it sounds. You sign up for how many videos you'd like at a time. I currently have 4 at a time in my rotation and am downsizing to three at the end of October. (I have been up to 6 at a time but am taming this addiction as well.)

I have made a queue of DVDs I'd like to see and I can change the DVDs and their order at any time I want. The DVDs come as one packaged in a papery red envelope that is also the return envelope. You carefully rip where they tell you to and out pops one DVD in a white paper sleeve. You keep the DVD for as long as you want and there are no fees. Keep it for a day, a week, two months, whatever you want.

After viewing, you just slide the DVD back in to the white sleeve and put that inside your red envelope and the mail person does the rest. You don't pay for postage or late fees or anything. You get another DVD mailed out as soon as they receive the one you just mailed back. You can have 2 per month total as the cheapest rate, I think, then it goes up from there 2 per month with no limits, maybe all the way up to 8 at a time per month.

Netflix isn't just about new release movies either. There are really old classic movies from the 50s and 60s, TV shows, sports stuff, family stuff, PBS mini-series, and exercise DVDs. There's a whole gamut of stuff to choose from. I make nothing from this free promotion but I do tell a lot of people about it. I have even turned some friends and my parents on to the wonder that is Netflix.

This probably explains why I only have about three friends in real life. Netflix: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

PS: I am noticing more of the cognitive stuff now. Getting dressed today was taking out a bra and panties and putting them on the bed. Then I reached for something else and put it on the bed and turned around and did the same exact thing that I had just done. I had forgotten what I had done literally seconds before.

To cancel my LASIK surgery, which would have been this week, required me to call Canada. The man asked for my first name so I told him my last name and spelled it. He repeated it back to me. I said he was correct and then he asked me for my last name and it took me a bit to realize I had done it wrong.

Yesterday while leaving for work I put the keys in the door lock on the outside and left the door ajar. I remembered something that I should grab for school and went back to get it. Then I reached for my keys in my purse pocket where I always put them.

The keys weren't there. This sent me into a small fit of loping around and looking for them. That is until I looked at the door and saw them hanging there.

My typing on here before I fix it is horrendous. I put in words that don't fit or substitute words that are almost right but when I reread what's been done, I realize the gaffe. I know it all sounds like small stuff that we all do but this is but a few examples of my 38 year old mind. Sometimes I forget what to do when I am driving or how to lock the front door to my apartment.

That's just some of the scary stuff.

The other scary stuff is grading the remainder of my homework papers and crunching numbers for five week grades. That has to be done and in the computer by Tuesday afternoon at 3.



Blindbeard said...

I can NEVER remember to close the little door to the gas tank. I never had this problem before MS, but now I dread seeing that little door flapping in the wind, telling the whole world that a mindless idiot is driving. If I don't make a list I can't remember what I even left the house for, so I always have pen and paper on me, which I forget to take out of my pockets before I do laundry...

Kelly Siobhan said...

I love netflicks and ordering online. I just cant stand to go out and shop most of the time. :P
My memory has just gone down the drain in the last six months or so, so I can relate! I went to the entirely wrong building for class one day- and I have done this more than once. I now carry around a notepad and pen. I'm afraid of what I am going to do next!