Sunday, October 19, 2008

A flare wouldn't be fair

I'm starting to wonder if I'm in a bit of a flare besides the whole depression mess of late. Or maybe I'm just ill with something else that is making the MS act up. I am feeling better emotionally and was doing better physically but I'm noticing more little issues creeping up these last three or four days.

I seem to be off kilter and smacking into things, not by choice but by accident. There seems to be more random dizziness. The cognitive stuff may also be tied into this. Stuff I know that I know is throwing me off, like driving the car and working online. Little things that I black out on mentally and panic for a second (or two or ten) and then it comes back to me. The difficulty with driving and staying on the road and focusing on that may be a part of this. I notice more weakness with my right hand/arm.

I have been noticing my fever has been on the upper end of the low-grade area most of the time lately (about 100.5 degrees or so). Maybe I have a UTI or some other infection that I don't know exists. I think if I am still like this tomorrow then I need to call the neurologist and maybe my PCP, too.

I did a lot yesterday but I don't think that is the only reason I feel tired out. I don't take Provigil on the weekends so that could be a part of it but this was going on during the regular work week also.

In good news, there was no binging and purging at all yesterday. All of the laundry is now done with a second load spinning around in the dryer as I type this. I called QVC this morning and ordered some Spanx and some dresses to try on for my brother's wedding next month. I even emailed his future fiancee last night which is a big step for me. (I'm insanely jealous of her as she has basically replaced me in my dysfunctional family.)

It's all baby steps as they professed in that movie "What About Bob?" that was filmed in VA when I was a freshman in college there.

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pb said...

Be very careful about the UTI thing. Before MS they were the rarest thing in the world for me.

With MS, they cause low-grade fevers and bloody urine. My neurologist has me taking megadoses of vitamin C twice a day to keep it at bay with its acidity. That helps a lot.

Watch out for the first bugs of autumn, too. A low grade fever always sends me to lala land.