Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday, home again

My computer was down last night and this morning until I spent an hour, yes a solid hour, with the IT people from Verizon. Thank you readers for the comments and positive thoughts. I always appreciate it when someone comments. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I saw the hottie PCP partner yesterday and he ran more bloodwork. I believe the insurance company is going to start watching me closely because I seem to be constantly getting bloodwork done. It's not like I enjoy it or ask for it (okay, I did ask for the gyn to run something) but it gets done. Thank goodness I have some decent insurance.

No UTI, not that I thought I had one but that is generally the first reason people with MS can throw off a fever. Then again the hottie doc reviewed my notes and realized that I had complained of the same thing back in July! July, people. That would have to be one heck of a UTI. I suspect I wouldn't even have a urinary tract anymore if I truly had had a UTI for that long.

Hottie doc asked me what prior neuro had thought about all this. Prior neuro is a prior neuro for a reason. He did nothing and thought nothing. Prior neuro had left me hanging and feeling $hitty since about May.

New neuro's P.A. guy is weird and I am wondering if he is weird with everyone or just with me. The things he says make me wonder if he's ADD without meds. He wanted me to get checked out for infections and viruses that could be spread by munchkins. (And no, I don't have MRSA even though someone in one of our school buildings does.)

Off I went and no infections, bloodwork ordered, told to stay home today and return for a repeat visit of sorts. Hottie doc thinks some of my problems is the enormous amount of meds I am on. So he wants to whittle away at the list.

The only really new stuff is off my old AD and on 2 new ones at very low doses, one of which I was on before, plus a Xanax dosage increase. I know just about everything I take, except Provigil, makes people tired and/or dizzy. I've been on this stuff forever.

I called Psych R.N. last night and left a message about the med whittling but I think he is in his other office today so I suspect I won't hear from him until Wednesday. He's the one managing most of my meds.

Then I need to call the neuro's office today (which I didn't do yesterday, bad Weeble) and tell them what today's visit brings. I expect it to be somewhat like a poker game. I'll give up Seroquel and cut down on Baclofen if you give me sleeping med X that will run through my system in less than ten hours. I'm willing to cut down on Xanax and double Provigil to 400 mg again but I will not give up Abilify and Lexapro. Plus, he wants to raise my blood pressure meds and add in a diuretic. (The only place I have high BP is their office, honest.) Maybe I can try to cut down on Requip. (I already took myself off Klonopin.)

He thinks all the pharmacological stuff is making me more cog foggy. I don't really buy that. I think part of it is the depression, part the demands of being in this higher stress inclusion classroom, and part due to MS. I don't think it's the meds that make me forget how to divide or teach or name items or drive properly or spell and type (You should see the first version of my post, holey moley Blogreaders!). Then again, I have been wrong before.

Hottie doc says it could be a flare and maybe we need a new MRI. It may be a flare but I'll wait on the MRI for another few months on Tysabri, thanks. I still don't even know what the infusion palace center's costs are yet. Every time I get an EOB (explanation of benefits) I panic a a bit because the costs have the ability to be rather large, as some of you Tysabri people know.

**The good news is I've had three days without purging. I'm still way behind on grading but I did a tiny bit this morning. Oh, and BJM has an answer to her medical dilemma and it's not MS which means I can also throw out my Rebif and Copaxone bags of stuff/crap because she won't need them, thank the person upstairs. I also cleaned more and threw out more stuff/crap last night.

I hope that I can get a good nap in this afternoon.

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Abby said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting.

Sounds like your dealing with alot right now also. Including the darn depression.

I've read through several of your posts, including some of your first ones, and really enjoyed the reads. I will be linking you on my blog and look forward to reading more!

Take care, and feel better soon!