Monday, October 20, 2008

Off to see the doctor

I woke up and prepared myself to head off to work. Checked my temp and I was at 101 degrees, higher than my normal low-grade fever. I got in the car and it's mighty dark at 6:30 a.m. making it rather easy for me to be all over the road and misjudge my turning radius. I did make it to school in one piece.

Then I started to swagger and sway again. My mind was muddled and I forgot what I was saying in ELA and how to divide during math class. My right hand is showing some residual weakness from time to time and I have a recurrent buzzing patch on my left thigh. My calves are also getting in on the act with some mini twitches to keep me awake. Have I mentioned the fatigue? It's also not acting nicely and it's making me so wacky I can't even understand myself.

So today is a half sick-day to try and get an answer to this medical melodrama.

I am off to see my Primary Care Physician's partner, they both have the same first name and both are well over 6 feet tall, but I will hang my head low and admit the partner is a tad hotter (Oh, lucky me!). I have called the neuro's office and the guy I see just returned my call and I'm to call them back once I know more info.

Then we'll see if I just have some creeping crud, virus-wise from my students, or an infection somewhere, or maybe MS acting up all on its own. For those of you who don't know, viruses and infections especially can wreak havoc on one's system when you have MS.

I'll let you know what ends up happening in my neck of the woods.


Denver Refashionista said...

I hope you get the answers/steroids that you need. it sure sounds like a flare to me. Take care honey.


So glad that your getting such prompt med attention. Sounds like it could be a flare or a nasty pseudo-flare due to a potentially nasty virus. Once the temp is up the symptoms go into over-drive. Take care of yourself.

BJM said...

SO glad you are able to get in quickly! Keep us posted to how you are doing.

Mandy Crest said...

Stop by and pick up your award!

Patty said...

I hope they're able to help you and make you feel better soon.
Keep us posted.