Saturday, October 31, 2009

Update on Franklin

Franklin goes to the Fruit Valley Animal Clinic which is by the college near our home. It's so close to our home, less than 5 minutes away, and more convenient than his prior vet. Plus, they are open late hours which has been a Godsend since he has been sick. They have been really good about getting him in!

I talked to the vet yesterday and things didn't sound too good. They have possible reasons why he hasn't been eating and the top two are not good: A virus called FIP which is fatal and a tumor or cancer. They can't really diagnose either one of those things easily.

I visited him yesterday for about 20 minutes and he gave me some attitude about being in the hospital. In a way that's good because he still is himself and feels good enough to do that. He was lovey dovey by the end of the visit. The topper is when the vet tech came back in to get him and he gave her kisses! I guess someone is still a little pizzed at me for now!

I hope he can come home today from the hospital and be with me. I miss him something terrible!

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


My bestest little pal, Franklin, is back in the veterinary hospital again. He was there Monday into Tuesday after not eating much for about 5 days. They told me that he *had* to eat or he would go into liver failure.

Well, he's not eating so I called twice today and he's back in the hospital. I am just heartbroken and sad beyond belief. I cried the whole way home from the hospital and then back in my humble apartment.

I know people without pets sometimes don't get "our" attachment to an animal. I love my furry little buddy. He's a big part of my quiet little life. He sleeps with me on the big comfy bed, greets me at the door when I come home, and generally makes himself look loving and adorable the rest of the time. He's even cute when he's asleep.

He has been with me since my split from my wasband. He's been there through a husband, a divorce, lots of short term dating, an MS diagnosis, and four homes. He's even been through literal thick and thin with me. We're in the thick part now.

So if you're a pet person, and especially if you're a praying sort of pet person, think of Franklin the Wonder Cat and send one up there for him. He's just got to start eating and get healthy again. I simply can't ponder any other outcome.

Come on Franklin, eat some foodies for Mommy!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chef Weebs

Grab on to your aprons because I am cooking. Okay, don't get too excited. It's not exactly making something from scratch but I am making Tuna Helper! I rarely cook, maybe once or twice a week so this is big stuff.

Yummy and I happen to like Tuna Helper so that's a good thing.

Work was good. I didn't mix up any meds. Work went along swimmingly. Tomorrow is expected to be around 70 degrees so that means shorts for me. Yippee.

That's all I've got but I have been trying to post more often. The truth is that I've not had that much to kvetch about which means life is good. I'm trying to be and stay more positive.

Good night all!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Drain Bamaged or is it...

If you read yesterday's tiny post then you know I was tired. I now know why I was dragging tail all day. Chalk it up to some minor brain damage...

I lined my morning meds up today to take after ye olde shower. I sat down and started opening and closing pill bottles. I was on the last bottle when *alas* I realized yesterday's error. The last bottle was not my Provigil which keeps me awake and going. It was, instead, my Klonopin which helps to knock me out while it fights off muscle cramps and stiffness!

No wonder I about passed out on the drive in to work in the morning. I already take some meds which slow me down in the morning and the Klonopin on top of that made me doubly tired in the inky early morning darkness.

I remedied the situation and placed the Provigil in the right place and sucked down that pill along with the rest of my morning pharmacopia.

I'm still not sure why I took my pills that way this morning because I NEVER do it this way but something moved me to do it. I'm grateful for whatever higher power that was that helped me out. We all need a little help now and then.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Folks, I am tired, worn out, exhausted, insert other appropriate phrase here. Call me Fatigueo Girl with a giant F on my sweatshirt and one on my cape.

I slept most of the weekend away and I was still exhausted today. The Provigil didn't seem to even kick in. I came home from work as soon as it ended (skipping a meeting) to take a nap.

No dice there.

I kid you not when I say that the phone rang once and my neighbor knocked on my door four times. Four flipping times.

'Twas no nap to be had today.

Turns out my neighbor's apartment was robbed and the door was kicked in. He wanted to know if I saw or heard anything, which I didn't. All I wanted from life was a nap not a ransacking of my neighbor's place.

Now it's time for some reading and sleep. Please do not knock on my door or call!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Another week down...

Another week down, a short one at that with only 4 working days, but it felt like oh so much longer. Today was Friday so yippee for that and the drinks we had after work. I like to call our little klatch the Meeting of the Minds. Others in the group think that's rather funny and it is. We get together to debrief and empty our minds of all of our worries.

I am starting to work on my next big fund raising project for work. I have done two projects in the last three years with nothing going on last year because I was out of work due to MS. Year one was raising money for Malaria No More and donating bed nets to people in Africa. Year two was raising money for the John Dau Medical Clinic in Sudan. This year we are going to raise money for Heifer International. Check them out at to learn all the ins and outs. In a nutshell, the donated money goes to purchase animals that are given to people around the world who raise them and then pass on the offspring and teach others how to raise the animals. It's a sustainability project that works internationally along with several projects within the United States.

Hey, a thought just occurred to me! I have started exercising again for half hour intervals. I'm no Buns of Steel here but I am walking and shaking my ample booty a bit. I have also stopped eating a lot of the foods that I used to be addicted to. I am breaking the binging habit. I'm not saying that I am eating healthy all of the time but I have cut way back on the amounts I am eating. Something is changing within me.

Also, therapy looks like it is going to wind down here within the next six months or so. I am no longer the angry and defiant woman that I used to be. A lot of the stuff that I used to carry around has been taken off my yoke. Actually, consider me yoke-less. I am no longer tethered to anything that has to be carried around all of the time. I have learned to let things goooooo. There is less stress in my life which is a great thing when you have MS. I still battle depression but that is well under control with meds. I'll still be taking them but cutting the strings of therapy loose from my life.

All right folks, it's about 9 p.m. which is my bedtime (laugh if you must) and I am not proofreading this so sorry for the lameo, rambling post!


Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy anniversary to me!

Today makes 13 infusions and one year of successful Tysabri treatment! Woo Woo!!

I lucked out and had school off thanks to Queen Isabella so I didn't have to take any more time off for this month. I did take Friday off as a whole day for a different medical appointment. I also had another med checkup today after my Tysabri.

It was a busy day, all in all.

How do I like the Tysabri? I love it. The worst part is having to take off time to have it infused. The best part is that it's once a month, four seconds worth of an IV stick, I get to watch good cable, and I feeeeeeeeeeel better.

I feel so much better than I did a year ago. Last year I had terribly weak and painful arms. I had horrid fatigue and issues with severe depression. I was losing my train of thought as I was teaching. I was, in a word, a mess.

Now I feel like I am living a different life. Tysabri has been in me for a year now working its magic. I am still tired and I need a lot of sleep but I go to bed early to get up early. I take my Provigil and that helps keep me puttering along during the day. I take my morning med menagerie and off to work I go with some pep in my step.

I am mostly on top of my paper work and my grades. More on top of things than usual, I'd say. I'm happy most of the time. I smile. I joke and laugh with the kids. I don't let things stress me out as much. I do have some issues with my eyesight lately but they are pretty much benign. I sometimes lose clarity and everything blurs together. If I work my eyeballs right then I can see enough to get by until all is clear again. This only lasts for a short while so it's not worth a call to the neuro yet. I'm keeping watch on it, tongue in cheek.

So happy anniversary to me and to Tysabri. It's been a wild ride.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Much ado about nothing

Yes, I have been away for a while. Yes, I have neglected ye olde blog. Yes, I have been keeping my head above water. The good news is that I just have not had anything to kvetch about so I have been keeping my distance from the blog.

Just today I received two messages asking me if all was right in my universe. The answer is a resounding yes. Work is going *much* better than last year at this time. Last year I was floundering and had been out sick a lot by this time. This year finds me doing much better health-wise. Little fatigue, less pain, and my brain is working at peak strength when I need it. I have a lovely little classroom and I am in love with my new SMART board. It's been down for two days and I was bereft without it.

But truly, I am doing so well it is rather astonishing. I do go to bed early because I love me some sleep. I am a gal who can hit the hay at 8:30 and then awake at 5:30. I do still need my Provigil to get me going along with the rest of my morning meds. Then I am off around 6:30 driving my short route to work.

I loved my birthday time. It's great to be 39 and on the right side of the dirt as I have mentioned before. I love a birthday and feel as if it is my own personal holiday. I must have had at least 40 or so happy birthday messages on Facebook on my special day. What a great way to feel like a star!

There is some news in my little part of the world that is not all sunshine and roses. I just found out that my younger sister will be deploying again, in January to Afghanistan. She'll turn 26 in a few weeks but she is looking forward to going. She is an engineer by training and a captain.

I'll worry about her of course but I am so proud of her. She loves what she does and she is good at it. Thank goodness that we have an all-volunteer army so that there is no need for a draft.

I do hope we get ourselves out of the quagmires that are Afghanistan and Iraq sooner rather than later but until we do, thank goodness for all of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and women, and Marines.

Anything new in your world?