Saturday, October 31, 2009

Update on Franklin

Franklin goes to the Fruit Valley Animal Clinic which is by the college near our home. It's so close to our home, less than 5 minutes away, and more convenient than his prior vet. Plus, they are open late hours which has been a Godsend since he has been sick. They have been really good about getting him in!

I talked to the vet yesterday and things didn't sound too good. They have possible reasons why he hasn't been eating and the top two are not good: A virus called FIP which is fatal and a tumor or cancer. They can't really diagnose either one of those things easily.

I visited him yesterday for about 20 minutes and he gave me some attitude about being in the hospital. In a way that's good because he still is himself and feels good enough to do that. He was lovey dovey by the end of the visit. The topper is when the vet tech came back in to get him and he gave her kisses! I guess someone is still a little pizzed at me for now!

I hope he can come home today from the hospital and be with me. I miss him something terrible!

Happy Halloween!

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