Friday, October 16, 2009

Another week down...

Another week down, a short one at that with only 4 working days, but it felt like oh so much longer. Today was Friday so yippee for that and the drinks we had after work. I like to call our little klatch the Meeting of the Minds. Others in the group think that's rather funny and it is. We get together to debrief and empty our minds of all of our worries.

I am starting to work on my next big fund raising project for work. I have done two projects in the last three years with nothing going on last year because I was out of work due to MS. Year one was raising money for Malaria No More and donating bed nets to people in Africa. Year two was raising money for the John Dau Medical Clinic in Sudan. This year we are going to raise money for Heifer International. Check them out at to learn all the ins and outs. In a nutshell, the donated money goes to purchase animals that are given to people around the world who raise them and then pass on the offspring and teach others how to raise the animals. It's a sustainability project that works internationally along with several projects within the United States.

Hey, a thought just occurred to me! I have started exercising again for half hour intervals. I'm no Buns of Steel here but I am walking and shaking my ample booty a bit. I have also stopped eating a lot of the foods that I used to be addicted to. I am breaking the binging habit. I'm not saying that I am eating healthy all of the time but I have cut way back on the amounts I am eating. Something is changing within me.

Also, therapy looks like it is going to wind down here within the next six months or so. I am no longer the angry and defiant woman that I used to be. A lot of the stuff that I used to carry around has been taken off my yoke. Actually, consider me yoke-less. I am no longer tethered to anything that has to be carried around all of the time. I have learned to let things goooooo. There is less stress in my life which is a great thing when you have MS. I still battle depression but that is well under control with meds. I'll still be taking them but cutting the strings of therapy loose from my life.

All right folks, it's about 9 p.m. which is my bedtime (laugh if you must) and I am not proofreading this so sorry for the lameo, rambling post!



Webster said...

I'm glad that things are looking up for you and that you are on track with your goals. I'm also happy that your class this year is, so far, easier to handle. Be well.

Anonymous said...

Your post is very calm, very positive and suggests optimism and success ahead. Smiling ... Chalknpens