Thursday, October 8, 2009

Much ado about nothing

Yes, I have been away for a while. Yes, I have neglected ye olde blog. Yes, I have been keeping my head above water. The good news is that I just have not had anything to kvetch about so I have been keeping my distance from the blog.

Just today I received two messages asking me if all was right in my universe. The answer is a resounding yes. Work is going *much* better than last year at this time. Last year I was floundering and had been out sick a lot by this time. This year finds me doing much better health-wise. Little fatigue, less pain, and my brain is working at peak strength when I need it. I have a lovely little classroom and I am in love with my new SMART board. It's been down for two days and I was bereft without it.

But truly, I am doing so well it is rather astonishing. I do go to bed early because I love me some sleep. I am a gal who can hit the hay at 8:30 and then awake at 5:30. I do still need my Provigil to get me going along with the rest of my morning meds. Then I am off around 6:30 driving my short route to work.

I loved my birthday time. It's great to be 39 and on the right side of the dirt as I have mentioned before. I love a birthday and feel as if it is my own personal holiday. I must have had at least 40 or so happy birthday messages on Facebook on my special day. What a great way to feel like a star!

There is some news in my little part of the world that is not all sunshine and roses. I just found out that my younger sister will be deploying again, in January to Afghanistan. She'll turn 26 in a few weeks but she is looking forward to going. She is an engineer by training and a captain.

I'll worry about her of course but I am so proud of her. She loves what she does and she is good at it. Thank goodness that we have an all-volunteer army so that there is no need for a draft.

I do hope we get ourselves out of the quagmires that are Afghanistan and Iraq sooner rather than later but until we do, thank goodness for all of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and women, and Marines.

Anything new in your world?

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Anonymous said...

HI Weebs,
Sending prayers for and with your sister. My nephew's one year anniversary mass is next week, and I remember your kind message when I posted that we lost him in Afghanistan ... Prayers for you, too, as I know you'll have her on your mind as you continue to create a wonderful classroom for your students. The world is full of possibilities for them, and much is due to folks like your sister.
I read a message on a sign, and sent it to my sister, who now uses it as her email signature. It read: America - home of the free because of the brave.
Please thank her for me, and tell her I will keep her in my prayers.
~ Chalknpens