Thursday, October 29, 2009


My bestest little pal, Franklin, is back in the veterinary hospital again. He was there Monday into Tuesday after not eating much for about 5 days. They told me that he *had* to eat or he would go into liver failure.

Well, he's not eating so I called twice today and he's back in the hospital. I am just heartbroken and sad beyond belief. I cried the whole way home from the hospital and then back in my humble apartment.

I know people without pets sometimes don't get "our" attachment to an animal. I love my furry little buddy. He's a big part of my quiet little life. He sleeps with me on the big comfy bed, greets me at the door when I come home, and generally makes himself look loving and adorable the rest of the time. He's even cute when he's asleep.

He has been with me since my split from my wasband. He's been there through a husband, a divorce, lots of short term dating, an MS diagnosis, and four homes. He's even been through literal thick and thin with me. We're in the thick part now.

So if you're a pet person, and especially if you're a praying sort of pet person, think of Franklin the Wonder Cat and send one up there for him. He's just got to start eating and get healthy again. I simply can't ponder any other outcome.

Come on Franklin, eat some foodies for Mommy!


Jen said...

I'm seriously gonna start crying, Weebs. I totally get the sadness. I love my cat more than a lot of people. Sandy was just in the animal hospital too for a urinary tract blockage and I was SO worried before they went in and cleared it.

I'm gonna keep it short ('cause I could go on forever about my love for animals.) I have you and Franklin in my thoughts and I'm sending you both good vibes/energy.

Love ya---


Webster said...

Oh how I hate it when one of my Wondercats has a health problem. It makes me feel so helpless.

Sending prayers and good thoughts to Franklin, that he keeps his food down and gets well soon. His Person needs him.

Weeble Girl said...

Thanks folks for your responses. I love my cat soooooooo much.

I'll keep you all updated!