Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Neuro news

I had an appointment with my neuro's office this afternoon to go over my latest MRIs. Good news!

The lesions are all still there but some of them have shrunk and there are no new ones or enhancing lesions. Yippee!

I also talked him into giving me ten dollars for the walk so that I have now reached my goal of $2050 raised by me.

What a great appointment all around. :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Break but I'm not broken

I really wish in some ways that I would find the oomph to get myself back on here regularly, but the reality is that it's just not there. I find that I used to write more when I was depressed, sad, mad, and more MSey.

I feel pretty good right now. I can't believe that I am typing this (don't throw things at your screen, please) but it's the truth.

Am I perfect? Heck no. Am I skinny? Heck no. Am I a millionaire? Heck no.

I remember when I was so sick with symptoms and searching for a solid diagnosis, or rather a neurologist that would give me the MS diagnosis I was certain I had. I remember walking with a cane and being a mid-30-something woman wondering if I would make it across the road before the car coming at me took me out. I remember the all-inclusive depression that hung like a thick cloak around my shoulders. I remember it all and somehow, right this moment, I am past it.

I've gone through it, over it, around and underneath it to get where I am right now. I have a place in my life with meds that mostly control my symptoms. I have supportive friends and family (who'd have thunk that?). I have a job that is winding down in two months for summer vacation. I'm on my Spring Break, finally!

I have 12 days until my MS Walk. Three miles versus me and my team, Team Weeble. We have cool T-shirts and I have personally raised $2040. Go me; I'm so proud that I have been able to do that. I am so proud that I even have a team who wants to walk with me.

I'm also excited about a local MS Self Help Group starting in my area. I went to the first meeting two weeks ago and felt that I was making another positive step. I think I may share my blog addy with them at the next meeting.

I also started Zumba in my little apartment a few weeks back. Talk about a workout! My flab is shaking and I am breathing hard and I'm sweaty but it is awesome for me. Thankfully no one else can see me doing it because my steps are sometimes way off.

I just keep moving though.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Not an April Fool

It's an absolutely gorgeous day here where I live. High 80s but no oppressive humidity, with blue skies and that yellow orb most people call the sun. It's been a long, lonely winter without that orb.

We're still rolling along with Weeble's Wobblers, my MS Walk team. So far I have raised $1620 on my own and my teammates are doing their part too. Our team goal, set by me before I started to fundraise, was $1200 so we have already surpassed that. Go Team Weeble. Thanks to everyone who has joined the team or supported us in some way.

Today was my appointment with my primary care doctor. It's been over a year since I've been there since I have been doing so well. It was great to step on the scale and actually be lighter, more than 20 pounds lighter! Woohoo!

We discussed my MS (under control), my mental health (totally under control), and everything else that was left over health-wise. He's pleased with how things are going and he ran some bloodwork which I'll be interested in seeing the results of when it comes back. He also sponsored me for the MS Walk with a generous donation. Turns out that his medical doctor partner's mom had MS and died from complications of it, according to him. The partner's dad started a small local MS Resource group whose walk I have done before. That walk is a 3-mile walk inside a local mall. That was a great time.

So here I am with Good Friday off, it was a beautiful day, I had a great appointment and I have the weekend and then Monday off for my Tysabri. Life feels right, like a comfy sweater that slips on and keeps you warm and cozy. Except I am wearing shorts and sandals and I feel like a super star.

I hope this post finds you in good spirits and wishing you all a wonderful weekend whether you celebrate anything or not.