Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stuff and Facebook ?

Anyone else here on Facebook? When I signed in today it was all different and I mean totally different. I know there is a new Facebook and I've been looking at it since I switched to Foxfire Mozilla a few months back. I have no idea what I'm looking at now and clicking on any of the apps doesn't do anything.

If anyone can shed light on that please do!

Hands are still off but not burning so that is a plus. I have started the paper work for the sick bank leave. I have one doctor note and a call into my PCP asking for that one. Today I will call the neurologist's office. Perhaps I will try explaining the claw hands and the depression, not that I think I will get anywhere.

My gyn called regarding my vitamin D levels which were low again. Back to the 50,000 IU weekly and then retest to see if it goes back up. I have recently started taking 2,000 IU of D3 daily along with my multivitamin since my 1st Tysabri infusion.

Also super news: My Tysabri is all paid for with my insurance for the rest of the year. I know how lucky I am with that but I will be looking to see what the next EOB's show as being charged to the insurance. Come January I will have to pay my $100 deductible and $400 out of pocket money and then Tysabri will be paid for for the remainder of the year.

I saw my students today which felt good. Many of them hugged me and have made me wonderful cards. Today they will be reading about exacerbations in science from the Keep S'myelin magazine and doing some pseudo-symptom experiments. If nothing else, they will learn a lot about MS this year.

My claw/hands are tired now so I'll call it quits. I hope everyone out there in blogland is doing okay. My depression is still off the charts in a bad way but I am hanging in there the best I can.



Denver Refashionista said...

I am glad you are hanging in there. I am too but I had to call in for the first time today because I woke up with poor vision, dizziness and vertigo. I am a bit better now but still less than stellar. My doctor suggested I take tomorrow off as well. If I am not better soon he wants me to come in or get some more steroids. Hopefully rest will take care of this one :)

Weeble Girl said...

Good luck Nadja, hoping you feel better soon!


That's a great deal on the insurance for Tysabri. Good for you.

I'm also on Facebook but didn't notice anything odd today. Sorry.

Great idea on using Keep S'Myelin in the classroom!!

Shauna said...

What an excellent opportunity you have with the Keep Smilin' stuff! And the hugs from the kids must have been wonderful. I am picturing it in my mind. So cute.


Abby said...

I used the Keep S'Myelin booklets for my kids when I was first diagnosed. It helped them to understand quite a bit, more than I could have told them. What a great idea to use them in school!!

How old/what grade are your students?

As far as the depression goes, it really sucks, but I'm glad you're hanging on. Have you noticed that MerelyMe writes on both depression and MS on the health central site?

BTW, I live about an hours drive south of Rochester, so I go to Roch for all of my appointments. Unfortunately, there is nothing closer for me.

Joan said...

Hi Weebs! I'm also on Facebook and did not see anything different the last few days.
Look for me (Joan Wheeler)

Lanette said...

I just started Facebook and it all looks good to me...