Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's my Monday

Thanks to the extreme generosity of King Ferdinand and that sweet talking Queen Isabella, I had yesterday off. No students today but it's a professional development day, which means that all the things we really need to do won't get done today. Instead someone else has come up with topics for us to learn more about that sound great but aren't always actually practical.

I am showered and all doped up: Xanaxed, Ritalined, Abilified, and Lexaproed! (Look, I made verbs out of nouns; I am so clever!)

I am ready to go to work in my shorts (it will be almost 80 today which sucks for me because my body hates the heat) and do my Quiet Weeble Sunshine routine. I will answer your questions at work. I will say that it sucks that the weekend is over. I will say, "Yes, it went too fast." I'll do all those things that are expected of me. I always do.

I did a 2 mile walking DVD in my apartment yesterday and then went in to mass cleaning and throwing crap out mode. I jammed six more garbage bags and a few smaller bags filled with new and/or other good stuff that I don't want or need and made several trips up the stairs and out to the dumpster. Too bad you didn't know where I live as there are some Halloweeny things packed in there. Dumpster diver man will be salivating at the very sight of all those see-through bags neatly stacked up for him!

There are more things that were sorted that need to go in the actual trash dumpster as trash but that may have to wait. Tomorrow is real deal school and I must prepare myself with plans and papers and such.

In other good news, my neurologist did call me back yesterday and we talked about the depression. He's satisfied that I have two other people working on that part of me. Also, the blood vessels on my face are no longer blotchy and angry red so my skin looks much nicer. My new hair color and the fact that I washed it today means progress on the hairdo front. I am on new medicines that will work, will work, will work, must work. I paid some bills last evening so they can go in the mail today. And, I shaved my legs a few days ago for my visit to the gynecologist today.

Breathe in, out, repeat. Thank goodness we do that automatically.

**Thanks again for all the positive comments from those of you who post them here or email me. I do appreciate it even though I sound like an evil witch most of the time. I am working towards making my life tolerable and less punishing. Your words of encouragement always help.

(And especially for BJM, hang in there girl. I'm hoping we won't be MS sisters but hey, I know how to hook up those IVs like a pro. Horrible joke there, feel free to cause me bodily harm when we see each other next.)


Jen said...

Hi Weeble Girl--

I didn't get a chance to read this post yet (I'm the slowest reader in the universe because I'm always getting distracted), but I saw your comment over at Denver Refashionista's blog about visiting Joan's chat room. Definitely come! It's a great way to chat in real time and everyone is so supportive. Joan's chat room info is in the top right of her blog page and you enter where the coffee cup symbol is: http://www.shortinthecord.blogspot.com/

Hope to see you there!


Jen said...

PS: I'm hoping things will stabilize for you--- I know depression and anxiety suck A LOT.