Monday, August 2, 2010

Too much of a good thing

I still have more than a month until I officially go back to school to work. I do have to work two days coming up in a few weeks and I will have to go in and set up my new room but for real work, I have some time left to waste. The thing is it's too much of a good thing. I have too much time on my hands.

Sounds like a good thing but for me it isn't. I wouldn't mind working all year long and having three days off a week. Throw in our regular vacations and I would be a happy camper.

Food can be too much of a good thing too. It's all around me and available 24/7 because I am here at home 24/7. I do better on an eating plan when I have a structured week. Now I am just all over the place, sleeping at odd hours, awake in the middle of the night, with no specific purposes to my days.

Food can be friend, enemy, joy, sadness, anything at all that I need it to be. What I need food to be is just fuel. That's what it is supposed to be anyway. Babies come in to the world with base instincts, eating being one of them. They basically eat whatever is placed in their mouths from the little spoons. They don't start out all whacked out about food.

How do so many of us get from there to here? I know I am not the only obese person in the country or the state or this city or even in my apartment building. There are literally tons of us. When did we come to the fork in the road and take it to eat more?

Why do I feel so alone in this when I am clearly not the only fat lady in the room? I guess that's why I see food as a friend at times. It keeps me company when I am lonely and fills up my time when I am bored.

Food as only fuel... something for me to ponder.


Anonymous said...

I decided three years ago that I mattered more than the taste of food ... I matter to my family, to my students, and to myself. Keep that mantra ... food is fuel ... and choose the economy fuel ... eliminate inflammatory foods (all meat and dairy contribute to inflammation) and avoid salt, fried food and flaky pastry. It's easy. It's categorical. No counting calories, no measuring portions ... remind yourself that those are the food categories that harm you.
I lost fifty pounds in ten months ... slowly, responsibly ... and have kept it off for three years because it was not a "DIET" ... it was a permanent change in menu, easy to remember, and healthy.

Stay with it - you're worth it ... food isn't.

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