Monday, August 16, 2010

Back at it

Today I had to go to work so off I went. I wasn't sure how the day would go but it went better than expected. I learned the algorithms of the new math program. Surprisingly, it was easier than I thought. I still need to work on the multiplication and division but I'll get it.

I also saw my new, giant room. It's the old faculty room from a few years back and it has air conditioning. Air conditioning, people! That's a coup for someone with multiple sclerosis. It's also a double room with a folding partition in the middle. I cannot believe how much room I have. We also discussed where my SMART board is going to be placed. I love my SMART board. It's like an interactive white board/computer screen. Some people love them and some people hate them. I think it's a great tool to use in the classroom.

I have to work again tomorrow so I hope I can hold up for another day. I feel more positive about the new year ahead even though it's all new to me. I can do this, one step at a time.

By the way, did I mention that I'm psyched about my new room?

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