Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Taking chances

What would you do if you could not fail?

I ask my students to respond to that question in my classroom. I'm always amazed at what they write. Now it's time for me to ask myself the same thing.

Just what would I do?

I'd get healthy and beat back the demons of obesity and diabetes. I'd actually write more and dream about writing less. I'd find myself in a healthy relationship with an intelligent and respectful man. I'd be all that at work.

I'd be unstoppable. Solid, fun, interesting. Healthy, involved in life, living out loud.

So what's holding me back?

The same crap that gives me high blood sugar numbers and hasn't moved the scale down in weeks. The same crap that whispers in my ear, "You're not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough." The same crap that hasn't been dealt with in years about family issues and my feeling of being unwanted. The messy stuff, that's what holds me back.

What's holding you back from living the life of your dreams?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Not much except the 'MS', but that will NOT hold me back anymore after the CCSVI procedure I'll be having in a month or so.
After that, I'll be back to living the life I worked so hard for, and the life in which all the 'hardships' will once again become merely fluff to be brushed off my shoulder!! :)