Thursday, August 19, 2010


After yesterday's post I realized that I needed to regroup and get focused. I need to start a new way of eating again. It's time for me to be conscious and to follow the guidelines that Geneen Roth puts forth in her books.

When I do what she's suggested I do better and feel better. When I slow things down and give that time while eating back to myself, it's magical. Less food fills me up. I make better choices. It takes longer to eat because I am tasting the actual food instead of just shoving it down.

I wonder if food will ever not have this pull over me. Why are some people able to just eat, to just sustain themselves with food? Why are others of us seemingly tortured day in and out, trying to eat well and get or stay thin?

Who decided that some of us see food as only fuel while others view food as friend, foe, solace, and comfort?

I have been chubby to overweight to obese for most of my life. When I was thin I was only that way due to an eating disorder. I have had a disordered view of food, weight and eating for as long as I can remember.

I'm trying to change that though, again...


Jen said...

I suppose we all have our own Achilles' heels. Not sure why.

Anonymous said...

I just excused my weight to genetics ... when I was threatened with tests looking for possible stroke, I downsized myself deliberately. No one could have made me believe I could do that. I just decided I was too needed in this world to be wasted by food..dairy meat fried food and pastry are not life sustaining. chalknpens