Sunday, August 29, 2010


I remember being young and fat, of course. I was always chubby and I was always embarrassed by it. I had to get clothes in the bigger kids' section, the Missy Plus area. In second grade my pants split and everyone on the playground saw my underpants. In fourth grade I noticed red marks appearing on my skin, especially my belly.

Imagine my shame when one afternoon I was playing on the floor with my little baby brother. My shirt went up and my big round belly was exposed. Both my parents saw the stretch marks.

I was immediately pounced upon verbally by both of them. They were ashamed of me and my weight and my stretch marks. There was a verbal barrage of how bad it was to be so young with those marks. I was branded forever, taught to be further embarrassed by a body that wasn't seemingly under my own control.

Once again my body let me down, I let me down, and I let my family down. That's an awful lot for a little girl to carry on her little shoulders.


Lisa said...

This isn't something that would make a young child feel better, but as an adult it's something to consider. A couple of years ago I went to a doctor's appointment with my ailing mother. He commented about some stretch marks she had, saying that they are usually inherited through a person's genetics. It was such an odd comment I'm not sure why he said anything at all! But it made me think...she had them, I have them and both of my girls have stretch marks. My girls aren't by BMI definition overweight but they aren't as small as most of their friends. Those stretch marks can really play with a person's mind so when they get upset about them and I repeat what the doctor said it makes them feel a little better. I hope it makes you feel a little better too!!

Weeble Girl said...

Thanks Lisa!
Weebs :)