Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Anyone for a dance?

Today I took one step forward and one to the side. I'm not ready to go backward yet. I'll just slide from side to side, even if I don't have a partner.

In diabetes news I had to call in my glucose readings for the last week. The numbers weren't good, often in the high 200s and 300s. Sooooooooo that means it is time to tweak the meds again. Glipizide is moving from twice a day to three times a day and we are adding in a third drug called Actos once a day. I will continue to take the Metformin ER twice a day at 1,000 mg each time.

I am majorly bummed out about the whole diabetes debacle. I guess I assumed that once I was on meds my numbers would just magically drop but not so much. I guess I really need to work at this plus take my medicine. I have made some huge strides with my food, virtually eliminating frappes and not eating out from my favorite order-in place. I am also eating more mindfully and consciously. I am making better choices but my numbers aren't reflecting these choices as much as I'd like them to do so.

I also set up an appointment with a dentist in my insurance network. Huge step forward because I am going to admit to you all right now that the last time I went to the dentist I was still married. I left my "wasband" in February 2000 so it's been a while since a doctor was poking around my mouth. I have no fear of dentists; I just haven't gone because I go to so many other doctors. But, with diabetes, I must now go twice a year like a normal human to get my teeth cleaned.

Tomorrow is my first consultation, exam and X-rays. Then I can get set up for a cleaning. Thank goodness for my flex plan. Now I can afford dental appointments and Tysabri. All my diabetes meds are, thankfully, free.

My weight loss has stalled even with the decrease in food intake. No more Dunkin Donut bagel runs at night. I bought those bagel thins thingies and some cream cheese to savor at home. I also need to get some eggs to hard-boil so I have some more protein options. I can do this, I will do this. It may be going slow but I'll take progress over stagnation.

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