Monday, August 23, 2010


I sit perched on the edge of my recliner writing in my journal with my free-from-Staples red pen. I'm watching E! while chewing on a Dunkin' Donuts cookie and occasionally sipping my small caramel frappe. Yep, I'm plugged into my IV; it's hooked into my left hand, taped above the Silly Bandz on my wrist.

It's infusion day for my Tysabri, the liquid gold medicine for my multiple sclerosis. I'm at the infusion center where I'll be for about two hours while my medicine and then some saline will drip into my veins. This medicine seems to be keeping me in remission which is a wonderful thing. It's also wonderful that I have insurance, a good neurologist that was willing to prescribe this, and an infusion center about 50 minutes from my house.

I'm a lucky girl.

I am lucky. I have a good job and I live in a beautiful area, one small block from gorgeous Lake Ontario. I have great insurance with low prescription co-pays. I work in tandem with great medical providers. I am lowering my blood sugars. I have a handful of close friends that I can count on. I have a blog that I adore and people who read it.

What's not to like?


Lisa Emrich said...

Sounds wonderful!

Webster said...

Yep. You are lucky for all those reasons and more - You have meee reading your blog every time you post!

I'm sure it isn't a problem for you, but I just read this warning about Silly Bands:,2933,593585,00.html

Sorry it's not clickable.