Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I had two great glucose readings today, both in the 160's. Could a girl ask for anything more?

Sure she can!

I also put together my new steam mop and used it in my bathroom tonight. The floor looks great, so much cleaner than it did before. I miss my cleaning lady bunches but I am starting to get a little domestic here now that I love my ORECK vacuum and my steam mop.

I spent thirty minutes working out this afternoon to the Biggest Loser DVD. I felt a kazillion times better after working out. The sweat and those endorphins make me feel like a real human instead of a big old lump. I need to remind myself to move it while I still can. It also helps with the diabetes.

Today I read my Momentum magazine from the National MS Society. I consider myself lucky right now because I am rarely inconvenienced by multiple sclerosis. It won't always be that way though. I have no idea when a flare will happen or when I will progress and it is most certain that there will be some progression some day. As long as I can walk and exercise and move freely I need to remember to celebrate my body by doing those things more often.

I'm a lucky girl even with MS and diabetes.

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