Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh cr@p!

This morning I was deeply humbled by an incident that made me grateful for my current good health. It was early and I was checking my blood sugar. I had just hit the button on the lancet when I realized I needed to go. Yeah, that "kind" of go. And I went as I was dripping the blood on my glucose strip.

You should have seen me. There I was bloody and trying to do the responsible thing for my diabetes as my multiple sclerosis "reared" (oh my, what a pun) its ugly head. In case you're wondering, I didn't quite make it in time which is why this post is aptly titled.

I rarely write about my MS because I am in remission but I do have bladder and bowel issues. I just tend not to mention them because it's embarrassing. Who wants to admit they cr@pped their pants? This happens more than I care to admit, about once a month or so but the feeling that I have to go sometimes comes upon me so quickly that I have to whip my apartment door open after shopping or hang up on friends to get to the bathroom. Sometimes I barely make it.

It's not so bad if you pee yourself but doing number two on you is not something you brag about to your friends. Some of my friends know that I have these issues but most people don't. I take Ditropan to help with the frequent urination. When I go out or am at work I limit my food and liquid intake. Thankfully this year I am right across the hall from a bathroom.

The diabetes meds all cause me some sort of diarrhea. That's the stuff that can hit me like that, making me squirm while someone is talking to me at work. My stomach starts to churn and gurgle and I know I have to leave in the next few seconds. People at work don't know I'm about ready to cr@p my pants so they just keep talking while I look for a way out of the conversation.

So if you see me walking quickly down the hallway to the restroom, don't stop me!

Things could be much worse so the only thing left to do is clean yourself up, buy more big girl panties and chuckle at the messy stuff that is coming your way. :)


Anonymous said...

The Metformin caused me severe & very quick onset of #2. I discussed this w/ my Dr & she changed meds for me--there are alternatives. Also many of the meds for Diabetes cause you to gain weight(quite the opposite of ideal to gain control over Diabetes.) Just keep going in the direction you know is correct. you may not see the results but be proud of the fact that you are doing what is right for your body anyway!! Keep up the great work!

Webster said...

Oh my, this is SO NOT a problem to have when teaching a class! Even if you are across the hall from the restroom. Kids would be quite unforgiving about a mistake of this caliber. I'm afraid. Good luck finding the right balance with your new meds.

keep_it_simple said...

I can relate entirely with this problem with your bowels. I had gall bladder surgery and I have never been the same. I teach 2nd grade and if I don't have a prep right after lunch, yech! Nothing like trying to sneak out to use the bathroom and coming back to a class disruppted!