Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The "S" word

What to write about...

I've got a streak going here where I have written every day in August. School starts in September so that means I'll most likely be losing that streak because I will be busy, busy, busy with either planning, or naps and planning, or naps and planning and exercise. There may be some teeth gnashing in there too. Also, possibly some wailing and I know there will be some kvetching because my feet will hurt.

Tomorrow I will be going in with BJM to work in my classroom. It may be gruesome as I am not anywhere near as organized and helpful as she is. My idea of cleaning is taking everything out of the boxes and then walking around with one thing, placing it here and there and being interrupted by things like breathing and feeling the air-conditioning. BJM is on top of these sorts of things but I'm not sure if she knows exactly what she is getting herself into which is my good luck.

I have a huge room, a double room actually with air-conditioning which means that my old room, which I miss already, was half the size and twice as hot. It's (my old room) under construction at the moment so no one inhabits it yet. I will never get that room back as I have changed grades but I am looking forward to the new huge room. The only drawback is that I have no windows but I am across from a teachers' bathroom. That will be coming in handy for sure.

So tomorrow is a day back at school with an old friend who will be looking at school through new eyes. I hope my computer and SMART board are up and running so I can share that with her. The technology is great and seems really cool to us older folks who graduated 21 years ago.

I guess it makes it fitting that my finger nails are painted bright pink with the color called Back to the Fuchsia. Gotta love a play on words...

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Anonymous said...

BJM is well aware and is not afraid! Takes more than boxes to scare this girl:)Bring on the new room!