Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weigh in

I did manage to lose a teensy, tiny bit of weight on Tuesday. That's a miracle because I had been up on my scale at home. I talked to the leader after the meeting and she told me to start getting protein with every meal, so that is my goal for the week. I threw myself off the wagon today and had a frappe. It was tasty but so not worth it. Sigh... drink and learn.

Edison the wonder kitty jumped up on the counter last night and knocked down his bottle of antibiotics. I cannot find the bottle anywhere so he gets a two-day pass on those meds. He still is taking his liquid ABX because he cannot open the fridge yet. Or can he? LOL

My meds are kicking in so I'll be logging off now.


Webster said...

Congrats on the teensy tiny loss, Weebs. Remember - baby steps.

PS. Stay away from the drive through!

Cathy said...

A loss is a loss..Congrats! Glad to heart Edison is feeling better. :-)