Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another number

Yesterday I went to see the diabetes nurse educator. It was a great visit and I learned the basics of diabetes and how to test my blood sugar levels. The first reading there was 354. That's a bit too high but it could be worse. Since then I have been testing twice a day and my numbers have been in the 200's. That's an improvement but there's still lots more room to go.

The DNE also doubled my Metformin to 2000 mg and added in Glipizide 5 mg twice a day. More pills to take but if it makes me healthier I am all for it. If you could see my "pill bottle shelves" you might be amazed that someone so short has enough room to ingest all the meds lined up there.

My new numbers I actually DO need to focus on are 100 and 140. If I could get my blood sugar levels there I would be doing a fabulous job. 100 is the number (or somewhere around there) where I should generally be and less than 140 about two hours after a meal. It's something to shoot for in the near future.

Today was my Tysabri infusion and I went in in kind of a funk. I had a headache but after the infusion I came right home and tumbled into bed for a two-hour nap. Thankfully tomorrow is a day with no doctors or nurses. I can sleep in and get my exercise done before a relaxing shower.

I wanted to pick up another Geneen Roth book today but I was just too wiped out to make it to the book store. I think I might look them up on Amazon and order them from there.

Tomorrow I have dinner out with some friends and Saturday is another BBQ with other friends. Some fun times ahead.

Still trying to focus on conscious eating. I discovered that there are some things in my apartment that I don't really like eating at all and I threw them away. How cool is that? I also find it difficult to eat in silence. I crave having the idiot box on while I eat. I guess some bad habits are hard to break. Thank goodness I am working on making some good ones.


Lisa Emrich said...

I have a new number to tackle as well. My cholesterol levels showed up high six months ago. We decided to try lowering it with diet and weight loss. Well, it didn't work and it is actually a tiny bit higher now. So I'm starting a statin. Makes me feel old and after talking to my mom, I learned that both my parents have high cholesterol and are on medication. Guess it's in the genes.

Weeble Girl said...

You can't fight those genes all the time, but you did your best by trying with diet and weight loss. You're doing an awesome job, Lisa!