Sunday, July 11, 2010

Positive step forward

I spent most of the day reading and sleeping but I did get up and finally threw in the Zumba DVD. Beto and I danced and exercised through the Cardio Party and we both ended up sweaty and smiling by the time we were done. I feel soooooooo GOOD! I need to do this more often and I was exercising regularly for several months until I hit a wall right after the MS Walk in May.

Around that time I discovered I had a UTI and I thought that was what was making me feel so lousy. Then I had another UTI in June. I still felt cruddy and had no energy. I would come home and nap right away, thinking it was the infections and my MS. Now I know that it was probably the diabetes ramping up. That must be what had been making my eyesight fuzzy the last few months, as well.

So now it's summer and we just had a terrible heat wave in which I did nothing but hang out in my bedroom in the air-conditioning. I must get back to doing some sort of exercise on a regular basis. Maybe not Zumba every day but walking or some of my Wii Just Dance or Cardio Boxing. Moving does feel good.

I'm also debating on whether I should try the Nutrisystem Plan for Diabetics. It's pricey but it's all set up for people like me, who are lazy and could care less about cooking. Anyone have any ideas about that? You still have to supplement with fruits and veggies and such but it's for diabetics and it could make my life easier.

No frappes today but I still need fruits and veggies. Baby steps, life won't be perfect all at once.


Debbie said...

Everything is baby steps. I'm glad you found out why you were feeling so bad. I think I'm going to be doing walking, when it's not to hot (I too hide in my bedroom with the A/C when it's hot) and yoga. I hate to say it but I think the Nutrisystem plan is a waste of money. You still have to go shopping and do some cooking. Though I am not you and if you think it would work, go for it!

Weeble Girl said...

I am going to pass on the Nutrisystem plan and go back to Weight Watchers. I've done WW before and it has worked for me. I just need to keep sticking with it!

Thanks for reading and commenting, Debbie. It's good to know I am not alone out here in blogland. LOL