Friday, July 9, 2010

Day two as a diabetic

I am a diabetic. I am also obese. I need to work on both of those things and together they will bring me to a healthier me. I like the sound of that and the visualization of being healthy, smaller, and strong.

I do not think I will be model thin. I know I will not grow tall as I am a whisper below five feet. I do believe that I may end up taking a long time to get to a healthier weight. I am okay with that; it's a process, a journey of sorts that I need to go on for myself.

My mother likes to remind me that I am obese. It's not as if I am able to forget that. I know the size I wear, know that I cannot cross my legs, know that sometimes I am squished into a movie seat or restaurant booth. I am making a goal of losing ten pounds between now and when school starts in September. I may lose more, I may lose less. I have never been a diabetic on a diet. This is all a new ballgame for me.

My food choices need to be more conscious along with being healthier. That won't be overnight, again it will be another process. Today I ate two servings of fruit and a few servings of veggies. That's an improvement for me. I drank lots of water again. I stayed away from the frappes for a second day. I am celebrating the small victories.

I also started taking my Glucophage/Metformin today. Another pill (and then eventually two) to add to my arsenal. I know that when I do get to that healthier body within, I will be able to take less pills overall. I'd love to sleep throughout the night without my CPAP. I'd love to be strong enough to run again and have some muscles where there is only fat now.

Day two as a diabetic has been enlightening instead of frightening. I can deal with this. I am dealing with this, bit by bit.


Webster said...

Gee, the next time your Mom tells you that you are obese remind her: that you are fully aware of the fact as that it is YOUR BODY, and that YOU LIVE WITH IT EVERY DAY, and that she DOES NOT NEED TO REMIND you of it, thank you very much! Mothers!

P.S. Is she thin???

Weeble Girl said...

Thanks Webster! My mother is tall and thin like everyone else in my family. I take after my biological dad who is short and round. I am the only child of that marriage so I feel like a short, fat, freak most of the time when we are all together.

Looks are *extremely* important to my mom. Sigh, I am getting healthy for me, not her though!


Debbie said...

I'm glad to hear that you are dealing with your new lifestyle so well. It will be quite a change but so worth it in the end.
By all means celebrate the small victories! Without them we would never reach our larger goals.
Please do not let your mom get you downor belittle your small victories. You need support around you right now! Good luck!