Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Diving in...

I worked out again today with Beto (the instructor) doing a new Zumba workout. By the time I was finished I had sweat rolling off me and a big smile plastered on my face. I actually wanted to work out this afternoon! Can you believe that? A year ago the thought would never have entered my mind.

After showering (and dressing) I went off to Wal-Mart. Time to buy a new scale. I got on it and weighed the same as I did at the doctor's office on Thursday. This being despite the fact that I drank a ton of water and a last forbidden frappe today. And it's a little humid; I just feel fatter than normal in my clothes.

At the post office I got some great news in the mail. I've been dueling verbally with the insurance company and my Tysabri infusion center. I have been getting charged each month for the infusions when I should have only paid a set amount long ago. Yesterday the infusion center talked to the insurance company and the insurance people admitted that they had a mistake! I got all new EOBs today showing I owe much less than what they said I did. Awesome news for me.

Well, it's time for me to leave for the Weight Watchers meeting. I have to start somewhere and there's nowhere to go but down with my weight!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah for winning against the insurance company! They can be so difficult. I hope you enjoyed your WW meeting. Take care!