Saturday, July 17, 2010

Too hot to trot... but I did sprinkle

I was a somewhat busy girl today because I was "helping" to make the cookies at BJM's house. She and her mom were making Italian cookies for BJM's nephew's graduation. The cookie making is quite a production. They don't just make cookies, people. They MAKE lots and lots of cookies, hundreds and hundreds of them.

My job is the official sprinkler. BJM's mom puts the frosting on them and then I go to work. It's a fine line between too many sprinkles and just right. I am the only non-family outsider who is allowed to participate in the cookie making. It's quite an honor and I'm not kidding.

It was hot again today and I was sweating like a pig (do pigs sweat?). I swear I sweat more than anyone else I know. It starts with my hair and before you know it, I have no semblance of a hairstyle within a few minutes. It's just uncomfortable when it's anywhere near 80 degrees and humidity wipes me out. I am spending lots of time in my bedroom bat cave with the air conditioning on.

No exercise today. I'll try to get some Zumba going on tomorrow as Tuesday is my first weigh in for Weight Watchers.

Happy weekend,

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walkwithmems said...

I love my bedroom batcave! I bet making the cookies was a lot of fun. I couls never bring myself to make that many. Though you had the best job. Sprinkles make everything better!