Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th and Happy July!

Today is America's birthday and my first post for July. I'm watching some made-for-TV movie, okay more like listening to it while I type away. I've had one solid week off from school and I have done nothing more than to read and sleep the time away with an occasional trip out and about to run errands.

I did have my latest Tysabri infusion on Friday, a sort of pre-4th of July celebration. After my infusion I went out with my colleague and friend, Mary, and we enjoyed a fattening lunch at Friendly's, along with a trip to Kohl's for some bloomers and other things for me, and a trip to the store I covet, Hobby Lobby. I was picking up some stickers and marked down papers to create my luau scrapbook of my last 5th grade class's (what else?) luau.

I have had two school dreams/frightmares in the last few days. Usually I don't have those until sometime late in August. I am reading some novels I'll be using in class so maybe that's prompted the dreams. Of course, this reading is in between my summer fun reading of magazines and chick lit.

Have I mentioned that I might have diabetes? If I did already, I apologize. My memory of the past is crystal clear but I can tell you the same story twice in ten minutes and not realize it. My last blood test (from a few months ago) showed a high glucose level so I am going on Tuesday to have a second test done for my A1C level. That will be the clincher as to whether I am diabetic or not. I have had issues that mimic diabetes for a few months so I am not entirely surprised by this new journey to a diagnosis (or not).

I don't drink much at work because I can't get to the bathroom on my own schedule.I do, however, drink a lot at home. I also pee a lot and wake up at night to urinate as well. I also noticed at work a few months ago some problems with my eyesight getting blurry at times. I also keep getting UTIs which can be another sign of diabetes. So if I am a type-2 diabetic, it will not come as a complete surprise out of left field. It just means I really need to get my $hit together as far as eating and exercise goes.

Let's face it, it's not healthy to be a good 75 pounds overweight and I know that. I also know that I adore the new McD's caramel frappe and fresh cut pineapple (no, not together). I enjoy Zumba when I do it but I also enjoy my frequent naps. It's all a matter of balance. Eat less and move more and maybe IF I am diabetic I can make it go away by getting control of my body.

Maybe I'll need to change the title of the blog or start a new one... I am dealing well with the MS and am in remission. I have dealt with a lot of messy stuff but there is more still to deal with. If there weren't, I wouldn't be overweight. But right this moment I feel blessed to be alive, to be as healthy as I am, and to live in this great country.

Happy birthday America, land that I love!

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Lisa Emrich said...

Happy 4th to you too!!

If the A1C proves to be out of whack, then you will deal with it just as you have dealt with the MS. You are doing so very well.

Glad you are enjoying your summer so far. I've scheduled mine so that I only teach for two days, and only a few hours each at that. :)

Lots of 'long weekends' for me. Yay.

So are you enjoying the 6th grade literature? I can't remember what we might have read in 6th grade. Must have been good stuff I suppose.

Good luck with the appointment this week. Hope all goes well.