Monday, July 12, 2010

Just Danced and other revelations...

Okay, I have exercised two days in a row! Woot woot! Tonight I turned on my Wii and did my Just Dance game for a half hour. Maybe that doesn't seem like much but I was sweating and it was fun which is what movement should be. If it's torture, who would do it?

I have also made a second decision. I am not going to purchase the Nutrisystem Diabetic plan. Instead I am going to start Weight Watchers again. I did it before and I can do it again. One of my friends might join with me which would be great for the companionship and we'd have someone to complain to who was in the same situation.

I'm wondering if my blood sugar levels are making me feel mentally wonkier than I normally am. I seem to forget lots of stuff, even stuff I've just been told. I'm hoping that it's not my MS acting up and affecting me cognitively. I need those brains in my head to be working correctly!

Thanks for reading!


Debbie said...

Oh, dancing sounds like a lot of fun! We don't have a Wii or anything like that but it sounds as if it's the perfect thing to get a little exercise in.
I hope WW works out for you. I did a christian version of it once and it worked really well.
Out of curiosity, did your endocrinologist give you a glucometer? When you mention your mind feeling weird I immediatly wonder what your blood sugar is. If he/she hasn't I would see about getting one. Some of what you are feeling makes me worried about hypoglycemia especially if you just went on new meds.
Take care and keep up the good work!

Cathy said...

I love the Wii just dance. It is a good workout plus singing ( even off key) always makes me feel better.
I'll be your virtual dance partner. :-)