Sunday, December 21, 2008

Monday stuff

Weight: Gigantor

: 0

Alcohol: 0

Mood: PMSy and I want to EAT everything

MS: Fatigue, low back and hip pain which throws off the walking

Exercise: I did the 1 mile WATP DVD this afternoon with a restorative yoga pose for 10 minutes and a few (very few) exercises to strengthen my core and help with my back pain

It is freezing here, actually freezing with wind chills that blow so strong that it feels like negative ten degrees. I am even cold which I am rarely cold.

I want to eat everything thanks to my PMS. Cereal is like eating air at this moment and doesn't seem to do much to stave off the hunger.

Yesterday my parents came over and we had my lasagna and some garlic bread sticks. I sent them home with lots of lasagna so it's all gone now. Otherwise, I would be inhaling that at the moment. We shared presents and I opened some and there are a few under the tree to open on Christmas Day. I have to say that it was enjoyable and there was no drama at all while they were here. Mission accomplished!

That's all I've got for now.


Barbara said...

Who knew peace on earth could start in your livingroom?? Good for you that it went well!

Webster said...

After a day (or several) of puffed rice - well, puffed and crisped - I bet your lasagna tasted even better than ever! Oh, and no drama? that was good too.

I lucked out; the big winds missed me - but I have 10' of snow in the yard. Keeping warm by the woodstove.

Denver Refashionista said...

Sounds like the family visit came off well. Stay warm. I am in MN and it is below zero here too.

Jen said...

I think we're all getting in sync with PMS here. Too close quarters on the MS bus--LOL.

Enjoy the peace and quiet, Weebs, and also have a fantastic Festivus (the holiday for the rest of us..)