Saturday, December 27, 2008

Getting back to the K, Special K that is

I seem to have eaten my weight in lasagna, carbs, snacks, and chocolate the last few days. There has been no actual reason for it other than PMS and the fact that I have just taken the blinders off and gone nuts with food. When I tell people I have no off switch I am dead serious. I can eat and eat way past the point of being sated and comfortable right into Santa's luxuriously lumpy lap. Right now I look a lot like the jolly fat man except I have less facial hair and I am female.

The chocolate is now gone as I ate a tremendous amount for breakfast (head hanging very low there). I plan on eating a salad for lunch from a fast food place with low fat dressing and then we're back to the Special K cereal plan with my one normal meal a day that doesn't include copious amounts of chocolate.

I don't attend any NYE parties and I only wish I still drank so that helps on the calorie front also. You know you have a problem when your fat pants are straining to button or zip and then once they do it's all you can do to breathe and move around in them. You're afraid that you might have an incident at a store when the fat can no longer stay inside and the metal tabby thing on your jeans might just blow off your pants and hit a stranger at a rather rapid velocity, leaving you with your pants around your ample thighs and someone else with a circular bruise. That kind of stuff can start an international incident if one is not careful.

My fat pants are already double the size of normal people's pants so working my way back into them is a real necessity. Eventually I will be going back to work and I will need to wear pants (versus going naked, eww) and nothing fits me comfortably now. Nothing. I have one pair of summer shorts and some sweat pants I wear around the house but that is not going to work in the real world of teaching. You need real pants for real work.

So I am heading back to the Special K program which I believe was really working according to tightness of the fat pants. They were slightly looser. I was drinking milk and eating on a schedule of sorts. I was getting some protein in which I severely lack. I was trying to keep up exercising every other day with my walking away the pounds program and playing my Wii sports package which would actually make me sweat a bit. I don't eat enough fruits and veggies which is why I will get a salad today. If I buy all the stuff to make it it will cost more and I won't do it. Yes, I am that lazy in the winter and nothing tastes as good as the summer fruits and veggies do.

I'm heading back to the K and there's no stopping me!


Kelly Siobhan said...

I'm trying to get back to eating better too. I have never tried the Special K plan. I think I just need to eat something that isn't covered in chocolate or full of gravy for a while! I hope you had a great holiday and enjoy the new year!

Webster said...

As I read this, I am chomping down on marshmallows. WHY?, you ask. Because they're there. Also, I believe, because I have had an emotional couple of days.

Unfortunately, I really don't like Special K, or I might give that a go with you. But, you go for it Weebs, because you wouldn't want to get back into the classroom and expose the kidlets to the danger of exploding pants.

Denver Refashionista said...

Just be healthy and not to hard on yourself. I know the fruits and veggies are more work but consider just eating them raw sometimes. A bag of carrot sticks can go a long way.