Wednesday, December 24, 2008

An angel got its wings with today's phone call!

My sister called from Iraq this morning and woke me up. I didn't care about the waking up part because I thought the phone call would be from my mom saying something was going on with my dad. Nope, it was my sister and it was the first time I've heard her voice in over a year!

Now that is a wonderful gift and the ting-a-ling of the telephone must mean that an angel received its wings! I feel so good right now and it's not just the endorphin high of completing my workout video of 1 mile plus a little extra of the WATP DVD. I'm just so happy to have talked to her and hear her voice. It beats any gift that she could give me.

So here's a shout out to my sis, CNS, the best sister a girl could ask for on this third rock from the sun! I just found out she reads my blog so maybe she'll appreciate the recognition.

It wasn't even so much what we talked about, it was just simply the act of talking and feeling close to her with the Christmas holiday knocking at our door.

As for Special K, I have fallen off the wagon hard for about three days now and tonight is a Christmas party at one of my oldest, err rather one of my longest, friend's home. I go early and help a little tiny bit with the preparations like mixing up a dip and spreading out the crackers artfully on a plate. I'm the first to arrive and the first to leave because I just can't stay up much later than 8 or maybe 8:30, if I am lucky.

That means Special K at home before I go and then munching and nibbling on snacky snacks and cookies and other yummy delicious goodies. Wow, today is turning out to be an awesome day!


Merelyme said...

oh that is wonderful that you got to talk to your sister! this reminds me to call my own sister.

i do want to apologize for not coming to visit more often. i love your blog...i just have been sucked up into the cesspool of life.

you sound very good. i do wish you a very happy holiday and a peace filled and joyous new year.

Denver Refashionista said...

I am very happy for you. You deserve to have something good happen for you today. Enjoy the party. I am not religious but we are going to church tonight with my husband's mother. It should be fun becuase we will sing a lot.

Cathy said...

Hearing from your sister has to be the best Christmas gift ever.
Enjoy reading your blog just don't get to read it as often as I'd like.
Merry Christmas!

Webster said...

A very Merry Christmas to you. You seem to be doing well - may that continue into the new year.