Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm off to have Tysabri ....

Today is another trip to partake of the liquid gold we MSers call Tysabri. If I have counted correctly, and I have used my fingers, this should be infusion number six as I started in October. That means I am showered, just finished, and will be drying my hair into its own sense of a non-fashion style in just moments after I finish typing the next few words.

I have been feeling a little perkier lately and I am not certain if it may be Tysabri or just the fact the sun has been showing itself in my part of the world lately. Sunshine is another med for me and one I don't get enough of during the winter here. I am also so pleased that we have had almost no snow for a week or so and that is worth a shout out also so here's to no snow. Woohooo!!

Dryer time, talk amongst yourselves and I'll be right back.

Dried and lovely as ever, I will now continue my typing and sharing of myself with you. Other random tidbits include the fact that I have not had a real pizza for a whole week now and have instead succumbed to the evils of Dunkin Donuts and their ridiculously delicious hot chocolate and brownies. Yes, they have brownies now and they kick some brownie butt if I could say it. There is frosting on top and chocolate shavings. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmo!

My sister is also home for a little bit for her real "vacation" time after being in Iraq. Yes, she and my brother both came home when my dad were having his heart operations but now she is officially done with her tour in Iraq so she is back "home" at Ft Campbell, KY. Yesterday we went to see "Slumdog Millionaire" and we had a bit of a kerfluffle. (Yes, that is a real word; I heard it actually used on PBS the other day. I may have misspelled it but it is a word!).

The paper reported the first showing at 2:20. We agreed to meet at 2:10 so I could see the previews. I love movie previews at the theatre. I arrived first to see that they don't show movies M-Th until 4:15! Alas, when she got there, I had to break the news and she drove back home with a promise to meet at 4:30 to view the 4:40 showing.

We both really liked the movie but I have to say I noticed they didn't say millionaire like we do. The actor pronounced it as millonaire. I wonder if the "yun" sound just doesn't translate. I did learn some interesting stuff while we watched the movie and the way it was set up to reveal the plot was great, too. And we loved the dancing at the end of the movie on the train platform.

My favorite part was just seeing my sister home safe and sound. Now we just need to wait out the days until my brother returns to Germany from Iraq.

Time for me to go. Tysabri waits for no man or woman.


Lanette said...

You sound wonderful! Congrats on the Tysabri working and getting some sunshine! I'm sure it helps your sister is home now and you can spend time with her as well!

You sound very upbeat - nice to hear! :)

Anne said...

How great to see your sister. I also really enjoyed Slumdog.

I was wondering if you get a headache after a Tysabri infusion (maybe you talked about this somewhere else and I'm just a late comer)? Do you ever feel depressed afterwards? I had my first infusion last week and those were the two things I noticed.