Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Car woes

This is a depiction of my tire from yesterday after the nutritionist's appointment.

I went to the nutritionist and paid for my sins against the food pyramid. My scale at home shows me down 6 pounds. Yippee. This was the first time he weighed me so this is his starting point for me for weight.

Then I went grocery shopping at this huge store called Wegman's and picked up a few more things that counted as sins against Mr. Skinny Pants Nutritionist who was trying hard to get me to choose between either Pizza Hut's personal pan pizza or a Dunkin Donuts run once a week. Can you believe that?

No wonder this man is thin. He can choose one or the other and not risk clogging his arteries and such. Me, I'm b!thcing and trying to weasel him into allowing me one personal pan pizza and one DD run per week with me eating the egg with veggies flatbread sandwich and no more hot chocolate out. In case you're wondering, my arguments didn't sway Mr. S.P.N.

So I am on my way home with lots of healthy things (including those Debbie Meyer fruit/veggie bags which keep fruits and veggies fresh and yummy way past their ordinary freshness date) and a chicken pita sandwich with oil on it and a big Reese's peanut butter egg. I thought one of my tires looked a teensy bit flat but I think that all the time so I just packed the car up and went on my way home.

I was doing well, tooling along at 60 in a 55 zone, when I could tell that indeed the car tire was flat. I was in the vicinity of home but not close enough and on the side of a busy highway. There I was with my flashers on calling my friend BJM to get me the number of the tire repair place. I had free road hazard help if the paperwork had actually been in my car instead of on my bookshelf at home.

So BJM, being the delightful friend that she is and being very close by, was a wonderful help because she drove from work to my car and we pretended that she was with me and we needed Triple A assistance. She even stayed with me while 3 police cars and one border patrol sped on by and offered no help. There was a state police car that stopped and made our day but we told him AAA was on the way!

My donut (which makes me think of DD) is about the smallest tire I have ever seen. It's also bolted under the vehicle which is just another reason for me to not learn how to change a tire. That's why I have a cell phone, so someone else will come and help me out. I don't really want to crawl on the ground and try to get the tire off the bottom of my car. Plus, I just don't want to do it no matter how independent I am.

Regardless, the tire was changed and the flat thrust in to my trunk. Then I tried to turn the car on and the battery was dead. Thankfully, the men were still there so they gave me a jump and off I went.

(So readers, you see that BJM saved the day and saved me the money for calling for roadside assistance. Clap for her at your computer right now, if you will. She will really appreciate it.)

The car is now back in my possession with 2 more new tires after getting 2 other tires in a January/$1200 debacle. I also have all my road hazard tire stowed safely in my car. And I'm eating watermelon and hoping karma will go my way now. (So take that Mr. S.P.N.)


Webster said...

Oh, how I hate car trouble, and I've had my fair share. I do bite the bullet each year and get AAA. It has been very helpful. For the price of it, just one use is cheaper than the cost of a single tow. My car is 21 years old! It'd be dumb of me not to have AAA. Now I just have to take my friend up on her offer to get a cell phone. The one I have won't let me save minutes unless I pay $13 every six weeks. I saw one ar R@dio Sh@ck for $15, with the purchase of a $50 minute card. Maybe I'll do that.

Lanette said...

Wow...see if that happened to me, I'd be getting me a nice PH Pan Pizza to go home after the whole tire incident. I stress eat. Good luck with the Nutritionist!

Patty said...

Hey, friend. I haven't been good about keeping up, but I was just now reading your blog and you really touch my heart. I hate that you've been going through so much stuff. You really deserve the best of everything and I can't believe how strong you've been to survive what you've had to survive.
I miss you. Take care and keep fighting.

Denver Refashionista said...

Good luck on the karma. I am glad your friend saved the day.