Saturday, March 28, 2009

The wagon rolled over me

Okay, I last wrote about the car after the nutritionist's appointment. I had a flat tire and then needed a jump to get to the repair shop. I mentioned that I had purchased some "off the list" items for my own nutritional enjoyment on Monday, namely a chicken and feta cheese pita sandwich and a big Reese's peanut butter egg. These are items not sanctioned by Mr. S.P.N aka Mr. Skinny Pants Nutritionist.

Since that day I have fallen off and then rolled underneath the wagon. Perhaps not as bad as the woman in the picture as I have not purchased any ice cream, although there's still time (teeheehee) before I drag my gigantic azz back up on the wagon.

Tuesday I went to Dunkin Donuts again after having gone last Sunday, so that was twice in one week! I did have the awful craptastic flatbread egg and veggie sandwich. That just tastes so tasteless that it's not worth the trip anymore. I will only go for a brownie and no hot chocolate even though I love their delicious hot choc with whipped cream on top. So there Mr. S.P.N., I am moderating what I will eat.

I also went to Subway on Thursday and bought a foot long sub instead of a 6 inch. Let me tell you, that was delicious. I didn't eat much else that day but I must hang my head low and come clean and let you all know that I ate three cookies that day.

In further off the wagon news, I ordered out on Friday night from a local restaurant and received some fabulously yummy fried, yes I did say fried, fish and mozzarella sticks. It did come with a salad which I ate with full on ranch dressing. In addition, I ate my way through a piece of white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake.

Today I ate a brownie from the grocery store and a candy bar. I have indeed chosen not to fall off the wagon but instead to leap with joy from the freedom of Mr. S. P. N. as I do not need to see him for two months, or rather 1 month and three weeks. See what happens to me when I have a little leeway?

I will say I have been eating more frozen veggies at night and I actually cooked a frozen meal on the stove once this week. I have been eating my bananas. I have been drinking tomato juice. I have learned to enjoy my morning french vanilla decaf tea instead of hot chocolate. I made sure I walked at least 4 times this week, including a 2 mile walk today.

I just went a little crazy with the freedom of not seeing Mr. S.P.N. for so long. I still have a candy bar in the freezer and I imagine I will call Pizza Hut this week to get my personal pan pizza and bread sticks. I am supposed to stay away from DD this week if I am getting pizza. We'll see if I am able to do that. I do know I need to make a better food effort so here I go.

Anyone seen a wagon rolling on around here? I need to climb back on and belt myself in for a new ride.


Webster said...

Oh Weebs, I don't even know what to say that you haven't already said to your self 335,889 times already. Forget Pizza Hut, get a 6" Sub instead. Forget, DD. Just don't go there. For a quick snack attack, try a fiber plus granola bar- 90 calories and I hear they taste good. Be strong - we know you are - throw away the frozen candy bar. Just do it. Then eat a banana. GOOD LUCK on this hardest of journeys. You want to look good for the kids come next month.

And remember, you're not a bad person, you've just done a bad thing.

Weeble Girl said...

I'm back on the wagon, skipped DD this morning and had my tea and banana. I also hard boiled some eggs for my protein for later on.

I know I can do this but I just got all caught up in the not seeing Mr. S.P.N. for so long.

It's okay, I'm like the new fat girl on the Little House on the Prairie wagon. I'm much nicer than Nellie Olsen though!

Thanks Webster,

Nal said...

Yoghurt is great - ti helps with digestion, helps with weight loss and can be fun once you get in the habit of eating it.... (but then again I totally understand the DD thing...:-) )

pUNKrOCKfairy said...

It's just WRONG and unfair that everything that not only tastes so good, but also makes you feel all happy and indulgent, is just SO bad for you! I too am dieting and I feel your pain.

Keep fighting the good fight, and I'll be thinking of you every time I overcome temptation.