Saturday, March 14, 2009

After the author and losing my mind....

Today was author crush day and no one was hurt. My parents and I both went but drove separately so my parents could leave early and go to church. Outside the library were two teenage boys dressed in period costumes of the Revolutionary army, one on each side of the library entrance.

Entering the little library, I came face to face with my author crush. It just so happened that Laurie herself was right in the corner by the door chatting to someone. I told my mom that THAT woman was LHA and I'd know her anywhere. (No, I am not a stalker!)

A moment after that I was bumbling through my introduction and telling her who I was. And she said she knew who I was (we are friends on Facebook and I was standing next to my dad who she knows) and then I say the stupidest thing possible. I ask if I can touch her.

Touch her!

Who asks that?

Idiots like me do, apparently.

I didn't mean anything weird by it but I guess when you're in the presence of someone who is akin to your version of a rock star, you lose temporary sanity. I just wanted to touch her arm to prove she was real and I was real and we were being real together.

So what did she do?

She hugged me. OMG, people. She hugged me. My author crush hugged me in all my unstatuesque, overweight, and weirdly-styled flat hair persona.

That's when I told her she was my "rock star". She smiled. (I think she liked that.)

I didn't drink any tea or lemonade or eat any of the little cookies, cakes, breads, or sandwiches. I didn't have a chair as there weren't enough so I had to stand while she talked. That was a little hard as I was sweating and could feel it trickle down my back as I tried to shift my weight and listen to her talk about the history of the novel. Then she read us the first two pages of the next new book that NO ONE else has heard yet. Yippee.

She took questions but I didn't ask any. I was too mesmerized by the presence of a real Author with a capital A/rock star. She could have read me one of her picture baby easy books and I would have been rocking back and forth on my feet in rapt attention.

She then went on to sign books and other stuff but I already had autographed books at work and at a friend's house (BJM). Exit stage right for me.

Overall, it was great to see her and meet her and talk to her. It was even great to touch her but I would not recommend that you ask that of any other rock stars you might meet.

In MS news...

I seem to be getting confused more often in my listening, speaking, and writing. I caught myself making some errors on here that were silly. For example, I typed in slacker for stalker above but didn't catch it right away. I just noticed another mistake after typing that last sentence and it's not spelling errors. They are whole word errors that sometimes are close to the right word and other times aren't. That's frustrating!

I seem to be just slightly not right but not bad enough to call the neuro's office. I am watching this and I don't have any new physical issues so I can't blame it on Tysabri. It's not PML.

I just wonder what's going on. I seem okay but I notice I don't know hardly any answers on Jeopardy anymore and my words get lost sometimes. Maybe that's why I asked to hug LHA. Who knows?

A message to a Facebook friend who knows I like DD and who sent me a message today:
For JKG-

"In the end these things matter most: How well did you love? How fully did you love? How deeply did you learn to let go?" Buddha

Your son was a lucky boy to have parents like you.


Denver Refashionista said...

I'm glad you got a hug:) I too am losing things mentally. I keep forgetting names but maybe they will come back. Maybe it is just stress and fatigue and not MS...

Weeble Girl said...

I get worried about the cog fog as I think about going back to work on 1 May. I can get through May and June, I know I can.

I did like getting a hug but what a dork I am! Thanks for stopping by DR.