Monday, March 16, 2009

Houston, Wii've got a problem

I know some of you out there have the Nintendo Wii systems and some of you even have the Wii fit. I've got a bone to pick with the Wii Fit.

First off, you have to make a character that looks somewhat like you with your height and weight statistics. As you log in to get tested it tells you what your BMI is (too high, imagine that) and what you current weight is according to the Wii Fit machine (too high, imagine that). Now I am five feet tall with big hair but I made myself 5'4'' because let's face it, we all lie about our height and weight. I assume the people who designed this incredible masterpiece took that into consideration.

Problem one, every time I get on the blasted thing it shows me fatter than the time before. I have been to the nutritionist and made some good changes in the right direction and have lost a few pounds. Not a lot but a few so why am I going up on the Wii Fit?

Problem two is that there is no way I am running as fast as the little monitor shows I am. I "ran" (which means fast walked) for ten minutes and went 2.711 miles. That is completely impossible. First off I'm extremely fat and slow and when I used to run run I never ran less than a 5 minute mile, not even close.

Are they making it seem like I'm a superb exerciser while I'm growing fatter? As you now know, Wii have a problem.



hehe. The first time Wii determined that my weight had increased, I was disappointed with what happened next. Wii wanted to know the reason why.

Strange thing about that though, being a girl was not a choice, retaining water was not a choice. I was rather disappointed in the choices given, so I picked "unknown."

Weeble Girl said...

My Wii doesn't ask me why I am fatter; maybe it just expects me to weigh more each time.

Arrrrrrgh (Charlie Brown yell)!

Thanks for "weighing" in.