Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I feel like Julie Andrews in a detergent commercial

Today was a lovely day, nay, make that a spectacular day my dear readers. The air was fresh and the sky was blue and sparkly. The temperature was such that I wore shorts and was not cold. I drove the car with the sunroof open.

Ah, can you smell it? The scent of early spring time and fresh detergent mixed together...

Breathe it in folks, because this won't last for long.

This is the type of day where I skipped my nap because the day was luscious and palpable and not craptastic in any way. I wanted to go outside my apartment building and start twirling around like Julie Andrews in that famous movie about a failed nun. I restrained myself because the day was so wonderful that I didn't want to end up on a 48-hour hold in the local mental hospital.

I cleaned the cat litter box with some orange smelling cleaner in the tub. I smiled while soaking cat urine off a stinky little box, people. That's what kind of day it was.

A St. Patrick's Day where the strongest thing I might have to drink is a Shamrock Shake.

A day where I missed the students I actually teach! Methinks the orange cleaner may have been inhaled too fervently at one point.

But today was that day. The day that makes you smile and your eyes shine and your teeth sparkle and none of it had anything to do with alcohol.

Today was a good day.

Blog writer does take many medications which could affect her giddiness. She also wants to post that it may snow later this week. Use that knowledge as you may.


Lazy Julie said...

OMG! I forgot about Shamrock Shakes. I'm lactose intolerant but allow myself this one treat (ok, maybe not the ONLY one) each year. And now I'm starting this fricken spring cleanse on Friday and no shamrock shake. Please tell me if I take a trolley to a train to my nearest McDonalds on public transportation tomorrow that I will be able to suffer the pleasures of the fake mint milkshake?

Weeble Girl said...

I'm sure they have them all month! Good luck.


Stuff could always be worse said...

I also love the spring we are having in Georgia, it is refreshing.

Anonymous said...

I know you said you are having trouble with your MS symptoms, but you would never know it by your writing lately, you have been so funny! Thanks for the laughs!

Denver Refashionista said...

I am so happy you had a great day. I like to sing and dnace when I feel good. Sometimes singing and dancing improves my mood too.

Anonymous said...

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