Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Before and after the neurologist


I have just finished showering and coiffing my hair into what I think looks good. It's 2:06 and yes, again I have been lazy with the shower. But it's done and I am clean. Not dressed yet but I'll leave you now to go do that.

(Crickets chirping...)

2:14: Clothes are on. Jeans, not the old ones, the new ones that fit and let me breathe and a pink tank top with a pink shirt that goes over my chicken wing bare arms.

I'll talk about Tysabri and my funky sleep of the last three weeks. We'll talk about being out of work and how that's been a positive experience for me. I imagine there might be some blood work. He'll do the bang the vibrating thingie and put it on my leg and I won't feel it after a while even though it's still vibrating and he'll prove that to me by placing it on my arm. Oh, and I'll do the drunk walk but do it pretty well because I practice it at PT. Yes, add the taking physical therapy to the last of things to talk about.

I'll drive for about 45-50 minutes to sit in the waiting room for just a few minutes and then get whisked into a room to await the arrival of the "man". I don't see the neuro, I see his P.A. who is funny but a little ADD at the same time. The whole thing will go quickly. Maybe there will be an order for new MRIs.

The sunshine is out again. It feels like a gift from the gods to see blue skies and puffy clouds instead of dark skies from impending snow storms. Its as if you could drink it in through your skin. I realize now how important it is to get that vitamin D even though I take 5000 IU of D3 daily. The rays of the sun make it much more palatable compared to that little pill.

Time to go brush my teeth and prepare to leave. Time: 2:27.

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