Thursday, March 5, 2009

Here's the after the neurologist

A beautiful day for a drive yesterday and I made it to the neuro's office with time to use the loo before the appointment. Upon entering the office I noticed I was the only patient in the waiting room, yippee. The "man" came for me within two minutes of planting my buttocks in a comfy chair.

Into the waiting room I went and planted my behind in another, not so comfy, chair. The "man" asked me what had been going on so I talked about PT which he was pleased about. He suggested that I get a trainer and work out at a local gym. I said I would think about it which means I probably won't do it. It is a good idea but trainers can be pricey and the best gym for me is about 15 minutes away which is plenty of time for me to talk myself out of going.

We also talked about the nutritionist and he was equally delighted about this whole new angle. It's no secret that I am a walking whale/weeble/watermelon with arms and legs. I'm not just a little chubby; I am a big girl. I wish I wasn't this big but I am and I am working a pound at a time and doing my exercises one minute at a time. So go me!

We talked about the sleeping issues and he made two suggestions. First, he is writing a script for what I think is called oxygen telemetry. I could be wrong on that, as I often am, but I am too lazy to go look at the script. I have sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine nightly but I will wear one of those oxygen clips on my finger overnight to see if I am getting enough oxygen. Not getting enough oxygen could be making me wake up often.

If it's not that then he suggested we try melatonin so as not to add any more meds into the mix as I take a boatload of them at night already. I used to be knocked out easily with these meds but now I seem to be waking up a lot at night after each dream cycle. This is something new as of the last three weeks or so.

There was no blood work ordered, no drunk walk, and no new MRIs scheduled. I won't see the "man" again until August unless there is some sort of flare up. I did get a new script for Baclofen. We had a nice chat and I laughed and felt better that I was out of work for now.

That's the after. I'm so lucky to have access to good doctors and medical care at reasonable rates. I'm lucky I have a good, solid job. I'm just really, really lucky.


Denver Refashionista said...

I'm glad things went well for you.

Anne said...

Pulse oximetry?

Weeble Girl said...

Yes, pulse oximetry!