Saturday, September 25, 2010

My birthday weekend

I have been missing the blog but I have been so busy this week that there hasn't been much time left over for writing. The middle to the end of the week was busy with Wednesday's Tysabri infusion in the afternoon, Thursday night's visit to see some retired friends and then the Meet the Teachers' Barbecue, and Friday started the beginning of my birthday weekend extravaganza.

Friday was a long day filled with three fire drills (with a blocked entrance), my yearly observation by the principal (which went superbly), and a delivery of lovely flowers from my sister who is in the Army in Afghanistan. Then I had the pleasure of being treated to dinner out by some friends who happen to own a fantastic hair salon. It was a new place to me with fabulous food. We were allowed to bring in some sangria and a chocolate oreo cheesecake for dessert. Michael Buble' also played several times on their sound system so I was in heaven with all that and some presents going on!

Today was a bit of a bust. I had had plans to go scrapbooking with my pal BJM all day for many months. Then about a month ago my mother called up and told me that I HAD to CANCEL my plans so I would be home on Saturday. I was none too pleased with this but she insisted because "something" was supposed to be delivered on Saturday that my father had to pay for on delivery. She even told me that she would call BJM herself and tell her I was not coming. So I did what I was told even though I already had made plans months in advance and my friend could not get the money back for my not showing up. (It was her present to me and something I was looking forward to for a long time.)

Regardless, I was now supposed to be home on Saturday. The delivery people were SUPPOSED to call and give me a delivery time on Friday. NO call. My parents finally got ahold of someone this morning and found out that there are NEVER deliveries on the weekend! Talk about being steamed... I REALLY wanted to go scrapbooking all day and I gave it up for nothing. Now the delivery is coming on Monday after work which is what I asked my parents to do in the first place but my mother MADE me give up my plans because she said there was no way they could change it.

Alas, I did many chores today and had a monumental nap. BJM went scrapbooking with another friend, in lieu of me, and when we talked on the phone she said it was a great place to be scrapping. We are planning on going in January when no one we know has a birthday.

Sunday I will go out for lunch with BJM and her mom as my actual birthday day is the same as the anniversary of her parents. Her dad is no longer alive so we will work on keeping her mom's spirits up. And she bought me a present!

I will be 40 tomorrow and I am so excited. I am fairly healthy, besides the being obese part, I am happy with work, I have great friends and a family that means well, and I have Edison the cat. I am a lucky, lucky girl.

Monday brings a shared birthday lunch with another 6th grade teacher and my delivery of the mystery object. It had better be good and not be a stair stepper or something weird that I have no interest in. Heck, I deserve something nice after losing out on today.

Happy last day of being 39 to me!

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Webster said...

Happy Birthday Weebs. 40 is a great decade! It sounds like you have had some great things happen surrounding your special day, except for Saturday and the delivery thing from your Mother. One day you will go with your gut and ignore her demands and just say "okay Mom" to shut her up, and go scrap-booking with your friend who, it seems to me, it much more reliable. Hope that Sunday the sun shines on your birthday.