Saturday, September 11, 2010


I took yesterday off from blogging because of my crazy fatigue from going back to work. I had a great nap after I came home from work. I survived the first week back, just 39 more weeks to go! LOL

I was so tired today that I slept past nine in the morning and took two naps. This going-back-to-work thing takes a lot of energy. I am taking my Provigil to keep me awake and alert and that helps during the day. My blood sugars have been great for lunch and breakfast but I feel like I am carbo loading at dinner time. I'm not eating enough during the day so when I get home I am starving and eat everything in sight. Okay, not everything but my choices are not always the best.

I go to see my primary care provider this week, the next week is my Tysabri infusion, and the next week is an appointment with the diabetes nurse educator for the second time. I'll be at the neurologist's two weeks after the DNE. I'm making the rounds of all my health care providers so I should be in top top shape in a month or so!

I'll be starting the Victoza when I go to see the DNE at the end of the month. The daily shot doesn't bother me, especially after being on Copaxone. I just don't want to be on insulin unless I absolutely have to be and right now I don't think that is the right avenue for me.

I have not exercised formally for three days now. My back spasms are getting better, fewer and farther in between. I do have a new Wii game that just arrived today. It's the Gold's Gym Dance Workout. It has lots of the dances from Zumba on it so maybe I'll get more booty and hip shaking when I do it.

Tomorrow I have to firm up my plans for the next week at work. Monday through Wednesday I teach English Language Arts and Thursday and Friday are Math days. I play math games daily during 9th period on a rotating basis with different classes. I think I may start a novel on Monday.

Oh how life has changed now that vacation is over! It's a good, positive change though and I'm glad to be productive and busy again.

Happy weekend everybody. :)

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