Saturday, September 18, 2010

"I will survive, hey hey." Great words from an old song but words that ring true. I made it through the whole first full week of work. Yippee. By Friday I was tired and limped through the day but I survived.

I am so proud of me for that!

I am making it up as I go along as far as what I want the class to be. There may be more changes as I trudge along in the trenches but that's okay. I have that flexibility in my position. I am getting used to the schedule and some days the day is over before I can even believe it. Then again, some days certain periods drag. It's all good though.

I'm healthy and happy and energized through my Provigil. That stuff is my miracle because without it there is no way I would be able to function well enough to work. I do not take it on the weekends unless there is something special that I have to attend to that needs me awake. That means I sleep the weekend away basically. Today, for example, I woke up around six and felt energetic. I went to the kitchen to chop up veggies for a beef stew and then went shopping around seven a.m. After that was done I put the groceries away and had a carb-filled breakfast (a no no). It wasn't nine yet but I was sleepy so I went up to take a snooze.

The snooze lasted until 1:40!

I stayed up for about 30 minutes and then felt sleepy again. Back to bed I went and I was out until 5:40! I basically slept my day away but my body needed it. That's how strong my fatigue is even though I am now sleeping through the night. I live in a bubble of exhaustion.

But the point is I am living and thriving, even if it is better living through pharmaceuticals.


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate the honesty of your blog. I'm 43, married, 2 children (boys), and I have MS. I can really sympathize with the fatigue! Now that school has started, I can't seem to get enough sleep. Then again, some nights (like tonight) my mind races and I can't sleep--despite my exhaustion! Can't imagine how you do it! Again, thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

I smiled when I read this because I do the same thing! I'm usually kicking myself Monday morning for wasting the weekend but I think sleep is important too.