Thursday, September 2, 2010

Something revolutionary

I just learned something new, something life-changing from my friend BJM tonight. They apparently make these things called liners for crock pots aka slow cookers!

Who knew?

Not me and now I am giddy with anticipation at purchasing them and, even better, using them in my crock pot. Those of you who are my FB pals know I use the crock pot a lot, usually at least 2-3 times a week. That's a lot for a single gal who eschews making her own dinner.

Now I can clean even less than I already do! Woohoo...

In other news my diabetes nurse educator has told me that my glucose levels have to get low and stay low or she is putting me on insulin in a few weeks. I absolutely don't want that so I have taken my bagel out of my morning line-up. I am convinced that I can get my numbers down lower and I will accomplish this come Hades or high water from Hurricane Earl.

I am also almost done with my classroom. I have emptied all my boxes and all the boxes I inherited from my friend who has retired. Now I just have to sort through some more stuff and put it away. My SMART board is up and my computer is now attached to my printer in my room. I have my homeroom list and I'm delighted to say that I have several students from last year in my first class. I still need to actually plan what I am going to teach the first week but procrastination is the mother of invention or something like that.

I think I may actually spoil myself and go to the movies twice this long weekend. I am interested in George Clooney (who isn't?) and his new thriller along with Drew Barrymore's romantic comedy.

I am also considering joining a gym! We have a Planet Fitness opening up in October in my little town and they have a great joining offer. I'd like to get some ideas about training my portly little body (yes, I know that was an oxymoron). I love my Zumba but I know weight training is also important in keeping bones healthy and strong. Cross training wouldn't hurt my bod either.

I guess that's enough for now. Night all!

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