Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to school

Okay, I went to work today for some meetings in the morning and then I worked in my classroom. It looks good in there after many, many hours of hard labor. I think I am ready for tomorrow when the kiddos come. I have my ninety dollars of copies made, flash cards, and lots of stuff to talk about for our forty-two minute periods.

I'm nervous but excited too. I hope to sleep through the night again (like last night!) and wake up with the same eagerness as today. I'll be taking my Provigil in the morning, eating a light breakfast and hoping I make it to lunch okay without my sugar dropping through the floor.

I also need to call the diabetes nurse educator again because we didn't connect today. My weight gain needs to be discussed *and* dealt with. I'm working really hard to get my diabetes under control and it's frustrating to see my weight balloon like crazy when my eating habits are improving so much.

That's it for now. Here's hoping I can share some more enthusiasm tomorrow...

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