Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Me vs. Tysabri and other stuff

I called the insurance company this morning and was put on hold for 20 minutes after being switched from one place to another and originally got nowhere. Then I called back and tried some place new in insurance hell and got someone who still put me on hold but who did find an error in my latest EOB. Yippee for me!

This means I don't pay the March bill yet until I get a new EOB with the right figures on it. It also means that I may, repeat may, not have to pay anymore for the Tysabri. That would be great because otherwise I'll be paying $1065.73 for three infusions and that's a thousand dollars that were already being spent on other bills.

I'm still not quite sure what was wrong with the bill because "insurancespeak" is a language I don't know or seem to understand. All I know is that this drug is supposed to be covered and I am just trying to figure out how much I have to pay before insurance fully covers it. Let's all hope it's soon.

I know I'm lucky enough to have a job and good insurance and be allowed to receive Tysabri. I'm trying not to complain too much because I know lots of MSers (anecdotally) who don't have those items working in their favor. I just wish I could afford this medicine more easily.

Other stuff

My dad has his surgery scheduled for May 4th. Now they think he might not even need to stay overnight! Amazing, huh?

More other stuff

I wrote my letter to the superintendent today stating that I am coming back to work on May 1st. I only have two release notes from medical providers as I suspect the third is taking an extended vacation that coincides with Spring break. But, the letter is written and enveloped (I just made that word up! Wait, spell check didn't catch it, so it must be a real word. Major bummer.) and ready for tomorrow's mail.

More other other stuff

There's someone out there who sends me cards occasionally with a lottery scratch off ticket inside. You know who you are, silent reader. I just wanted to publicly say thanks for the cards and the support. I just won $8 thanks to you. I'm a winner!

More and more other stuff

It's a good thing I'm not seeing Mr. Skinny Pants Nutritionist any time soon. I am still under the wagon even though I keep saying I'm going to duct tape myself back to the wagon. It's like I drag myself up on the rope of good intentions and then fall back under the moving wheels. I have permanent wheel tracks squished over my big body.

When will I wrap my mind around the idea that being thin is okay and safe? I know I need to do this for health reasons but my mind wants to hold on to the weight for lots of personal reasons such as safety, a barrier between myself and others, and a way to keep myself pushed away from intimacy (which doesn't always mean $ex folks!). Maybe I need to explore this more in future posts.

That's all I've got for now. Weebs




I finally got here (ignoring once again all the many posts accumulating on my GoogleReader..bah, humbug..grumble, grumble). Please, no need to feel *special* by any means...more than likely, you should feel fearful! LOL

I'll try to surf by more often when the ocean waves aren't 30 feet.

Weeble Girl said...

Always love me some good braincheese when I can get it. Thanks for the surf-by.


Stuff could always be worse said...

I am not the nice person sending you lottery tickets but interesting post. I am thankful for insurance also.