Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dad update

My dad was quite sick in January which is why I didn't post much then. I was too busy riding back and forth to the hospital and seeing my brother and sister who both came home from Iraq to see my dad.

Since he has been out of the hospital he has had to wear a special vest pretty much 24/7. The only time he doesn't wear it is in the shower when someone has to stand outside and make sure that he doesn't pass out while in the tub. The vest goes under his clothes and gongs if it comes undone or detects some problem with the set up of the vest making sleeping difficult. Last night it went off four times according to my mother and as one can imagine, who doesn't want to wake up at random times to a gong?

Last week my dad had a MUGA scan and it showed that some things weren't working up to full capacity. That means that some time in the next two weeks he is going back to the hospital for surgery to put in an automatic defibrillator. It's an overnight stay and then he comes home and can't use his left arm for much for 6 weeks. That makes him a little unhappy because it is almost golf season.

It should be a routine procedure and I'll update this when I have an operation date for him.

Off Topic Tysabri Rant

I think I need to call the insurance company because I am still paying for my Tysabri infusions and it's getting cheaper but still putting a strain on my budget. The first month for this year was a straight $500. The second month was $338.88. The third month which I just received an EOB on is something like $230. I don't know about you but this is a lot of extra money coming out of the same paycheck.

I've also had the car in the shop twice since January to the tune of about $1500 total. Where oh where is all this extra money to come from? My hot rich fantasy manlover?

Sigh, things could be much worse. I could have no job and no insurance. I really hate the idea of disability without medical coverage for two years. Thanks federal government for making me feel secure in that if I can't do my job, I can wait two years until you think you can kick in some insurance type monies my way. There are lots of people in this situation and lots that can't even afford Tysabri at all so I shall come to the end of my b!tching now.


Anonymous said...

Medicine rant...How about the fact that some everyday meds. such as antibiotics..Same med, dose, manufacture as human version is given to animals at 1/2 to 75% less. Can't the government put a cap on these drug companies..Obviously they can charge us much much less. Or a hospital will charge you $5.00 for 2 Tylenol..I could also go on & on & on..But will close by agreeing wholeheartedly with you -Dawn

Paula said...

I'll be starting Betaseron next month and am very thankful for insurance (Tysabri isn't as popular in Canada). It's amazing how much one little vial of medication can cost!

Weeble Girl said...

What's really terrible is that I go to the pharmacy and some elderly person is paying a bazillion bucks for a script or two and I am only paying ten or twenty dollars for my two scripts.

We should be making it easier for people who have worked all their lives and who have truly limited incomes instead of making it more difficult!

Grumble, grumble...