Thursday, April 9, 2009

Back to school, for a visit

Yesterday was a nice back to school visit. I had lunch with most of my students (3 opted out and 2 were absent) and I passed out Easter eggs with tiny candies in them. As I was walking towards the building some of my kiddos were outside playing because they had been extra good and they caught me sneaking in. A bunch of the girls came running over to hug me and shouted my name. That was a good feeling, nay a great feeling.

I haven't been back to visit since right before Christmas so I was worried that they may have lost their enthusiasm for me. Not so, dear readers. When I walked into the class the excitement was palpable and I heard my name, felt more hugs, and saw kiddos waving to me. It was truly a nice way to work myself back into the classroom for 1 May.

The kiddos were already excited because it was the day before Spring Break. Then we had lunch which is a GIANT treat that I never bestow upon my students. I love them most of the time but let me eat lunch with other grownups please! I need a break from small people in the middle of the day.

I worked the rest of the afternoon in the class and stopped by the library to request some books for my room as the kiddos are getting ready to start a project on countries in South America. I gathered papers to send out for copies of things I would need for Mexico and Central America. I finished quite a bit for a gal whose not even back to work yet.

I'm also in the process of getting release notes from my three medical providers so that I can go back to school officially. Right now I am so excited about it but I must also admit I have nightmares where I go back and the kiddos are out of control and I'm screaming at them and they don't listen. That never happens in real life but I have the dreams anyway.

That's it for now. Happy Passover or upcoming Easter, if you celebrate.
Hugs, Weebs

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Denver Refashionista said...

I love that feeling when you realize that the kids really care. I remember when I was sick around this time last year and I first got my diagnosis, my students made me a card. They also all signed a yearbook for me and I found apologies for bad behavior written into the pages. They kept sending me emails telling me how much they missed me and needed me. That felt really good.